The Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Companv of Saratoga Springs, has been incorporated. The capital is $260,000. The directors are: B. J. Kendall and A. E. Kendall, Saratoga Springs; J. T. Sweetman, Charlton; G. C. Pratt, Montpelier, and and J. H. Munsell, Schenectady.


B.J. Kay's Lung Balm Helped Him More Than Seventeen Doctors and a Score of Patent Medicines.

"Cincinnati, Iowa, April 26, 1898:?Honor to whom honor is due. Without any solicitation on the part of
the Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., or any one else, I hereby certify that ihe Dr. Kay's Renovator and Kidney cure, prepared by the Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co.,Saratoga Springs New York have done for me what seventeen doctors and a score of patent medicines have failed to do. I can't find words to tell the condition of my stomach, liver and kidneys. Constipation, headache and pains in every joint in my body was an everyday occurrence, and at times so severe that I could not walk or hardly see. Among the multitude of medicines advertised in the papers I read of Dr. B. J. Kay's and sent for it, and I can't say enough in its praise.

If you have any of those old complicated ailments, do as I have done and you will thank me for this advice and feel under everlasting obligations to the Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co. I am fifty-two years old and served under Sherman in the war; since the war I have preached thirty years. I have no object in making this statement only to benefit my friends and brethren among whom I have preached the gospel, and to help them to have the the best system renovator in the world introduced among the people. Your friend, James A. Shepherd.   Rev. J. A. Shepherd. His father was a clergyman and moved from Kentucky to Iowa in 1836. He passed away and J.A. Shepherd was left fatherless at three years of age. At the beginning of the civil war he enlisted in  the  25th Iowa Infantry,

Subscribed and sworn to by Rev. J. A. Shepherd, before me this the 30th day of April, 1898.  G W. Mckeehan, I am the Justice of the Peace in and for Pleasant township, Appaloosa county  Iowa.


 Burney James Kendall (1845-1922) was an 1868 graduate of the University of Vermont's Medical College. During the 1870s, he devised a "cure" for spavin (an equine joint ailment), and incorporated the Dr. B. J. Kendall Company in 1883 to manufacture his horse liniment.

If you have any disease fastened upon you send us a three cent stamp for our 32 page pamphlet which contains a treaties on diseases.

The company's product line gradually expanded to include treatments for a wide variety of animal and human ailments, and the company's wagons ranged far and wide selling the medicines and distributing Kendall's booklets (A Treatise on the Horse and His Diseases and The Doctor at Home). The company's principals became quite wealthy, and Kendall became a community benefactor

 Dr. B. J. Kendall Company, manufacturers of the celebrated Kendall's Spavin Cure. The remedy was invented by Dr. B. J. Kendall, and in 1879 a company for its manufacture was established, with Messrs. Carmi L. Marsh and Olin Merrill as principal owners. In 1881, Mr. Moses P. Perley became an active partner. In 1SS3, the B. J. Kendall Company was incorporated with a capital stock of $200,000, with Dr. B. J. Kendall, president; Carmi L. Marsh, vice-president; Moses P. Perley, secretary, and Olin Merrill, treasurer and business manager. In 1S84, Dr. Kendall resigned his position and was succeeded by Mr. Marsh. Previous to 1880, the manufacturing department of this concern was in a small, one-story frame building. To-day the company occupy a large three-story building on Main street.


 Dr. B.J. Kendall published two booklets: "A Treatise on the Horse and his Diseases" and "The Doctor at Home." His business, in Enosburg Falls (modern spelling), Vermont, produced Kendall's Spavin Cure in versions for animals and humans, as well as Kendall's Persian Pills and Glycerine Oil for the hair. It was still active in the early years of the Twentieth Century.

Kendall's four-cent private proprietary stamp was issued from September 17, 1881 until February 15, 1883. 374,000 were printed, all on old paper.



ACIDITY OF THE STOMACH (Heartburn). This accompanies dyspepsia or indigestion and is caused many times from neglect to take sufficient exercise in the open air or from an inordinate use of spirituous liquors or tobacco. It may be attributed to various other causes.

Treatment' Whatever the cause may be, it should be corrected as much as possible. If from the use of liquor or tobacco, tnese habits should be left off. Temporary relief may be obtained by the use of half a teaspoonful of saleratus dissolved in half a glass of water, but this remedy should not be used to any extent, as it is liable to injure the stomach. Magnesia is a better remedy, but this only affords temporary relief. The diet should be plain, nourishing, and such as will be digested easily, avoiding sugar or such vegetables as turn sour in the stomach. Be careful not to overload the stomach by over-eating. Take plenty of exercise in the open air. Read the treatment which we recommend for dyspepsia, and follow those directions closely.

AGUE (Intermittent Fever). This is generally known as "Fever and Ague," ''Chill Fever," "The Shakes." and in some localities as "Swamp Fever," etc. This is a periodic fever and is due to a specific germ or an infectious effluvia from decayed animal or vegetable matter, usually the latter, and commonly known as malaria. (See article under heading 'Gorms.') It prevails in districts where the surrounding country is low and swampy and covered with brush wood, high grass, etc., and is most common in the season following cessation of rains. It is more severe in low situations and in hot climates, and is most dangerous during the night, as the effluvia lies low. This makes it quite important to occupy an upper room, especially for a sleeping room at night. Feeble persons are most liable to be attacked. Exposure to night air brings it on. The disease may set in suddenly, or may eome on gradually with a feeling of
general illness, which increases until it culminates in a regular ague-fit after a few days. The ague-fit consists of three stages; the cold stage, in which the patient has feelings of chilliness and coldness in the back and extremities, skin is rough, nails blue, with violent shivering, headache, backache, quick pulse, and lasts from half an hour to three or four hours; this is followed by the hot stage, when the surface of the body becomes very hot and dry, the mouth parched, excessive thirst, fullness in the head, which continues asually from three to twelve hours and is followed by the sweating stage, which commences with a gentle moisture on forehead and breast which gradually increases until it extenus over the body. Complications may arise in protracted cases.
Treatment. As a matter of precaution persons in malarious districts should always sleep on the second floor and avoid exposure at night. Have warm clothing, good diet and a sufficient amount of sleep at night. The best remedy is Dr. Kay's Renovator, and should be taken as directed on bottle, beginning as soon as the sweating stage has passed and repeating the dose every three or four hours until it acts freely on the bowels. The dose may be increased until from three to six doses are taken each time, if it should be necessary in order to loosen
the bowels. Continue the largest dose for several days and then gradually decrease until only the ordinary dose is taken half an hour before each meaL The Dr. Kay's Renovator, in either the liquid or tablet form, is all right to use in the treatment of Ague; but if you can obtain both, we think the best results can be obtained by taking one to three teaspoonsful of the liquid Renovator before each meal, and take one to four of the small size tablets at bed time. Regulate the dose so it will produce one or two free movements of the bowels each day. By continuing this a reasonable length of time the blood will become renovated and purified and the disease removed. The Renovator is not only perfectly safe, but it is easy to take and pleasant and never disagrees with the stomach.

In the cold stage care should be taken to produce artificial warmth. Cover the body well with warm flannel blankets and place hot sand bags, hot water bags or hot flannels around the feet, legs, stomach and bowels and also at the back. In the hot stage an opposite plan should be pursued. Cooling drinks then being required, and the unnecessary clothing should be removed gradually. In the sweating stage the action of the skin should be encouraged by tepid drinks and as soon as the sweating is over the skin should be wiped dry with a warm flannel, the clothing changed and dry and warm clothing put on. After the sweating stage is passed, the Renovator should be given, as recommended above, in sufficient quantities to keep the bowels in a healthy condition, increasing the dose, if necessary, to accomplish this.

The remedies described in this book should be found in nearly all drug stores, but when you inquire for them and do not find them, do not take any substitute which they may claim to be just as good or better; for they have no equal. You can always get them by return mail by sending the price direct to the publishers of this book. The price of the Renovator is 25 cents for the small size and $1 for the large size or six for $5.

AGUE-CAKE. This is an enlargement of the spleen and is caused by protracted ague. The best remedy for this is to take the Dr. Kay's Renovator for a sufficient length of time to get the stomach, liver and bowels in good, active condition, increasing the dose if necessary until the evacuations are free and the bowels in a healthy condition.

ANEMIA- This is a deficiency or poverty of the blood, and may have various causes, such as loss of blood, or a deprivation of the proper materials necessary for the formation of healthy blood on account of improper digestion, or from other unavoidable causes. The patient is pale and the lips, tongue and inside of the mouth have a bleached appearance. The skin has a waxy appearance. The temperature is below the normal standard.
Treatment. This should be varied according to the cause of the Anaemia. Palliate any bad symptoms that might occur. Take Dr. Kay's Renovator for several weeks until the system is toned up and invigorated. Get from a drug store the following: Citrate of iron, i oz; Water, 4 ozs; Brandy or Whisky, 2 ozs. Mix and take one teaspoonful half an hour after each meal and continue the Renovator half an hour before each meal in doses sufficiently large to produce only one evacuation of the bowels a day. (Read carefully the article under the heading, 'Renovating the System.')

APOPLEXY. A disease produced by congestion or rupture of the vessels of the brain, causing a sudden arrest of the sense of motion, the Patient lying as if in a deep sleep. The young are not often attackefl. ut it usually occurs in middle life or old age. Some people believe that patients usually suffer from three different attacks, the first being mild, the second followed by paralysis and the.thiri ending fatally. This may or may not be true, but the danger is greatly increased with each succeeding attack. Those most likely to be attacked with apoplexy are those whose ancestors have suffered from it; persons who have habits which would naturally make them predisposed to an attack, sucL as high living, intemperance, sedentary employment; persons with a protuberant abdomen, too much blood, flushed countenance, or short, thick neck, who are over forty years of age. The following symptoms usually precede an attack, which, if properly understood by the patient, should put him on his guard, and he should at once take measures to avert the attack. The most important symptoms are dizziness, particularly on stooping, and a feeling of fullness and weight in the head, noise in the ears, and temporary deafness, blindness, double vision, headache, feeling of numbness in the limbs, loss of memory, drowsiness, with indistinctness of articulation.

Treatment. Relieve the head from the accumulation of blood to prevent further congestion. To accomplish this raise the head well and apply cold to the head by means of pounded ice in a bladder or oil silk bag. Loosen the clothing around the neck. Apply heat to the feet and give three compound cathartic pills, U. S. P., or if these are not at hand, give a level tablespoonful of Ep«om Salts. Many physicians bleed in cases of this kind. If a small quantity of blood is taken, this may be to advantage in some cases, but

ordinarily it does more harm than good and should not be practiced except, where there is a great rush of blood to the head. After the bowels have once moved thoroughly, begip at once taking Dr. Kay's Renovator every three or four hours and increase or diminish the dose according to the effect, a sufficient quantity only being necessary to cause two or three evacuations every twenty-four hours. The head should be kept in an elevated position for a long time, until danger seems to have passed. The diet should be light but nutritious. Always avoid eating too large meals, which would be liable to overload the stomach; also avoid stimulants, mental excitement, lifting, stooping down, or any unnecessary violent exercise. Dr. Kay's Renovator should be taken and continued until several packages have been used, so as to put the system in the best possible condition to avert another attack. It would be well, after taking a few packages of the Renovator, to take one box of Kidneycura if there is any derangement of the kidneys; but if not, then continue the Renovator until the system is thoroughly renovated. This will put the kidneys and all other internal organs in a natural, healthy condition, thus leaving the patient in the best possible condition to ward off a second attack.

If the bowels should become constipated at any time, Dr. Kay's Renovator should be taken at once in sufficient quantities to overcome the consti pation. Kidneycura and also the Renovator are very easy to take and very pleasant and agreeable, never disagreeing with the stomach or producing any bad effect in any way and yet they are very efficient.

For the first three days after theattack, take 10 grs. of Muriate of Ammonia with each dose of the liquid Dr. Kay's Renovator, but do not take Muriate of Ammonia while taking the Renovator in tablet form. (See article on renovating the system.)

ASTHMA. A disease which, is attended by difficulty in breathing and a sensation of constriction in the chest, wheezing cough and expectoration. It is essentially a nervous disease. See Hay Fever. * Treatment, One of the most reliable remedies to relieve the difficult breathing during the attack, is the following prescription: Stramonium, 1 o/; pure saltpeter (pulverized), 1 drachm; mix and place a little in a pipe and take a few whiffs, or hold it below the nostrils a foot or two and inhale the fumes for a minute or more if necessary. See also recipe. This disease should be overcome by building up the system. Take Dr. Kay's Renovator, begining with an average dose half an hour before each meal and increase the dose each day until it has a laxative effect on the bowels and produces two or three evacuations each day.

Continue this for several weeks until the system has been thoroughly renovated and the disease disappears. Be careful to have good, nourishing diet and also keep your apartments well aired, so as to avoid any unwholesome air. Whenever constipation occurs, take Dr. Kay's Renovator in sufficient quantities to overcome it. Read the article on constipation and follow instructions carefully. Take Dr. Kay's Lung Balm to relieve any cough or lung trouble, as this is the best lung medicine known, and gives better results than any other remedy known to the profession. It produces a quiet, restful sleep. If the first dose does not have this effect, repeat every half hour until five or six doses have been taken if it does not produce the desired effect sooner, as it usually does. A dry climate is desirable.

All the remedies recommended in this book are usually kept in drug stores; but sometimes when druggists do not have them they recommend something else which they claim is just as good. We caution all our patrons to never allow any druggist to persuade them that something else is just as good, for they have no equals. You can always get them by return mail by sending the price direct to us.

BACKACHE. An affection caused by muscular rheumatism, diseased condition of the kidneys, sprains, exposure, etc. If caused by rheumatism, there is considerable pain in the affected muscles. Not usually sensitive to the touch. Pain is not so severe when the patient is lying' down or keeping quiet. Treatment. Rest is one of the first essentials. A hot water bag applied to the back usually affords temporary relief, but to produce a permanent cure take Kidneycura, beginning with one tablet half an hour be fore each meal and increasing half a tablet each day until it causes free evacuation of the bowels, and continue a sufficiently large dose to produce two or three evacuations daily. This may be ncreased until from three to six tablets t;re taken at each dose if the bowels should continue in a constipated condition. By following this plan the cause will be removed and a permanent cure effected. If pain is in consequence of a diseased condition of the kidneys, see treatment for kidney diseases. The Kidneycura is very easy to take and also very pleasant, and never disagrees with the stomach. It is perfectly safe and is very efficient. It is in tablet form and has from two to four times as many doses as liquid medicine which sells for the same price. Kidneycura is sold by nearly all druggists at $1 or six for $5, but if they do not have it when you call for it do not tak' any substitute which they may say is "just as good," for it has no equal. Remember if they do not have it you can always get it by return mail postage prepaid, by sending the price direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical (Jo., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

BAD BREATH. This symptom indicates that something is wrong and it should not be neglected. In various disorders of the digestion the breath smells bad and this is nearly always the case with persons who are constipated. If your breath is bad, read carefully the articles on Dyspepsia and Constipation, and if you find either to be the cause, follow carefully the treatment there recommended. Bad breath is frequently a premonitory symptom of fever and if noticed in time and the patient begins at once to take a thorough course of Dr. Kay's Renovator, the fever would be averted and much suffering prevented and perhaps life saved. In cases of this kind with either children or grown persons the Dr. Kay's Renovator is sure to remove the trouble at once if taken in time. The best method is to take the Renovator tablets first for several days in doses large enough to loosen the bowels and cause two or three movements each day; then follow up with the liquid Renovator until the system is thoroughly renovated and every organ is doing its work properly. By this means the blood is purified and enriched, the whole system toned up and perfect health is the result. There are a large variety of causes for a bad breath and they should be sought out and re.moved if possible. Dr. Kay's Renovator is the best remedy in use for

such cases because it renovates the system, thus removing the cause and good health and a pure breath are the result. Read article on "Renovating; the System."

BEE STINGS, BITES, ETC. The sting of the bee, wasp, yellow jacket or hornet as well as the bite of many insects and reptiles, are in many cases very troublesome and sometimes dangerous to a greater or less degree. Treatment. Apply locally to the skin which has been stung or bitten, the following: Mix equal parts of tincture of iodine and spirits of camphor and apply a little to the surface. In cases where the above cannot be had apply a strong solution of cooking soda. If the poison is absorbed into the circulation it should be eliminated by renovating the system as directed under that heading. This is the safest and best course to follow. Read carefully the article on "Renovating the System," and follow out the directions given there carefully. It is always best to purify the blood after it.

BILIOUSNESS. A disease characterized by feverishness, loSb

appetite, disgust for food, coated tongue, bad taste and bad breath, nausea with occasional vomiting of food, mucous and bilious matter, painful digestion, irregularity of the bowels, headache, thirst, pain and tenderness in the stomach, pain in back of neck, heartburn, scanty urine, cold sores around the mouth, etc.

Treatment. Commence by taking Dr. Kay's Renovator. If constipated, take two to four doses on going to bed and on the following day take only porridge, gruel, or some other light nourishment. Begin on the second morning and take one dose half an hour before each meal and continue this for several weeks. Take a sufficiently large dose to keep the bowels in a free, open condition. If necessary to produce this effect, from two to six doses should be taken each time. The proper amount in all these cases, as a rule, is a sufficient quantity to produce two or three evacuations each day, some persons requiring from three to Ave doses, while in other cases one or less is a sufficient amount. Regulate the diet and avoid any article of food that is known to disagree with the patient. Read carefully the articles on "Renovating the System," and "Liver Complaints."

BILIOUS COLIC usually occures in the summer or fall, and is produced by derangement of the liver. In these cases there is a tenderness in the region of the liver. The skin and eyes have a yellow appearance and there may be vomiting of bilious matter.

this should be repeated three times the first day, and if the bowels do not move on the second, increase to three or even four or five at a time if necessary. After one evacuation the dose should be reduced and taken half an hour before each meal, and this should be continued until the stomach, liver and bowels have been renovated so that they are in a good, healthy condition. The Renovator should always be taken as recommended above, after every case of colic, so that the cause may be thoroughly removed and thus prevent a second attack. (See article on "Renovating the System.")

BARBER'S ITCH (Ringworm of the Beard). This is a contagious affection of the hair follicles, and subcutaneous tissues of the hairy portions of the face and neck, caused by a fungus growth or a vegetable parasite. The parasite finds its way into the hair follicles and attacks the root and shaft of the hair, causing inflammation, followed by suppuration. There is much irritation and itching. The parasite is so small it can only be seen with the aid of the microscope. The symptoms are small, reddish, scaly patches which increase in a short time and become somewhat swollen as shown in cut. The hair also becomes dry, brittle and inclined to break. The hair is also inclined to be loose. Pustules form about the openings of the hair follicles. The skin becomes thickened. The surface becomes a dark red or purplish color and covered with pustules which discharge and become covered with a crust or ?cab.

Treatment. Saturate the crusts with olive oil or vaseline and remove by washing with a strong suds made from white castile soap. Then shave the parts and bathe the face in water as hot as can be borne. Open all the pustules with a fine needle and bathe thoroughly the parts with the following solution: Take hyposulphite of soda, 1 drachm; water, one ounce, and mix. After the above has dried apply sulphur ointment. Repeat the above process daily. If the above plan does not affect a cure in two or three weeks try the following: Take equal parts of Ointment of Red Mercuric Oxide and Sulphur Ointment mixed. Cleanse the parts thoroughly as directed above and apply a small quantity. Repeat this twice a day.

If this disease is not cured in the very start before the pustules are formed the blood will be contaminated to a greater or less degree, according to the length of time it exists. In all such cases the blood should be purified and the system thoroughly renovated as directed under the heading "Renovating the System," which you should read carefully .

BITES (Of Venomous Animals or Reptiles). Snake poison acts

by paralyzing the nerve centers and by altering the constitution of the blood. The poison takes effect by being absorbed into the circulation. The danger from rattlesnake bites, as well as from several venomous serpents and reptiles, is very great.

Treatment. The treatment should be as prompt as possible to prevent the absorbtion of the poison. If the bite is from a rattlesnake and is upon the leg, as is usually the case, tie a cord around the leg just above the bite so tightly as to stop the circulation. Then take a sharp knife and cut out the flesh at the bitten spot and wash thoroughly to remove all the poison possible. After this let some person suck the wound, being very careful to spit out all the poison often and rinse the mouth thoroughly (so as to avoid poisoning). After this has been done, apply Nitrate of Silver to cauterize the wound, or, if you cannot obtain it, use any strong liniment at hand and then wash the wound thoroughly. Large quantities of whisky, brandy, or other alcoholic stimulants should be given to support the strength. Of course you will dispatch some one for the nearest doctor at the earliest moment possible, but you should not wait for his arrival, but follow the above instructions until he comes.

After the immediate danger has passed, take a thorough course of Dr. Kay's Renovator to purify the blood and renovate and invigorate the system. If this is neglected the patient is liable not to make a good and complete recoverv. Read article on "Renovating the System."

BLADDER TROUB'.ES (Cystitis). In the short space allotted to this subject we shall describe two varieties of bladder trouble, or cystitis, the acute and chronic. In the acute form the onset is usually abrupt. The prominent symptoms are chills, fever, loss of appetite, sleeplessness and feeling of depression, frequent desire to urinate, the passage of which is drop by drop, or very slow and causing a burning pain along the urinary passage. It is frequently followed by cramping pains in the bladder. The chronic form comes on more slowly and is usually caused by a stricture or stone in the bladder or an enlarged prostate gland, very frequently the latter in cases of men 60 years of age or over. A. dull, heavy pain is always present arid there is a frequent desire to urinate. The urine, after standing, contains a thick sediment. There is usually constitutional debility, mental depression, severe local pain, emaciation and occasionally bloody urine.

Treatment. Quiet rest in bed is the first requisite. The diet should be restricted and all nighly seasoned food avoided, fresh milk being the most suitable article of food. As much water should be taken by the patient as can be consistently. Commence taking Kidneycura at once, beginning with one tablet and increasing the dose gradually by taking half of a tablet extra on the second day and increasing half a tablet each following day until it has a laxative effect upon the bowels, causing two or three evacuations each day. If necessary, it might be increased until from three to six tablets are taken at each dose. In the acute form relief will be obtained in a short time, but the treatment should be persevered in for several days after all the symptoms have disappeared. In the chronic form it will be necessary to be very persistent in the use of the Kidney cure , but unless the case is too far advanced, a cure may be expected in all cases. Warm applications, such as hot water bags, flannel cloths wrung out of hot water, or hot poultices applied over the RECIPE FOR CHOLERA MIXTURE.

Take Tincture of Ginger, H oz; Tincture of Opium, y2 0z; Tincture of Rhubarb' % oz; Tincture of Cayenne, H oz; Tincture of Camphor, y2 oz; Essence of Peppermint, % :z. Mix. shake and take 10 to 25 drops in a little water, and repeat in from one-half to three hrs according to the severity of the case. This is one of the best mixtures known for colic, diarrhea and summer complaints.
 These applications will usually relieve the patient materially. When the region
of the pains are very severe, half a teaspoonful of tincture of opium spread over a flannel cloth or hot poultice and applied over the region of the pain will usually give relief.

In cases where it is impossible to urinate, it might be necessary to call a physician that he may use a catheter. Persevere with the Kidney cure until the cure is complete. See "Kidney Diseases."

BLEEDING FROM THE LUNGS. This is usually a symptom of tuberculosis or consumption, though it may be due to a disease of the heart, which impedes the return of the blood from the lungs. It very rarely occurs as the result of some ulceration of the air passages, etc. The blood is usually frothy and of a bright red color and is raised by coughing, but if the bleeding is from the stomach the patient vomits the blood in large quantities, which is of a much darker color than that raised by coughing from the lungs.

Treatment. The patient should remain in bed as quiet as possible with the head and shoulders elevated, and to stop the attack give fifteen grains of gallic acid every two, three or four hours, according to the urgency of the case. If the bleeding is excessive, give twenty-five or thirty grains of gallic acid in about half a glass of water for the first dose and add thirty drops of aromatic sulphuric acid; however, in excessive bleeding a physician should be called at once. In some cases the application of cold over the chest does good, but its effect should be watched carefully; sucking ice may do good. A teaspoonful of common salt dissolved in a little water or takon dry will, in many cases, stop the bleeding for a while. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm would relieve the cough and it should be taken for this purpose as long as the cough continues, as it is the best and safest lung medicine known. After the bleeding has been stopped, if it is thought that the cause is consumption, the parent should have a very nourishing diet. BYesh milk while warm from Lhe cow, and from one that gives rich milk, fresh sweet cream fresh eggs, plenty of good beefsteak and other nourishing food should enter largely into the diet. In a few days, after the lungs have become healed, the patient should begin to take exercise in the open air and while doing so, to inflate the lungs gently. Practice this continually while in the open air, being careful at first not to inflate the lungs too violently, as it might bring on another hemorrhage, but increase it gradually until the lungs take on a more healthy action. Continue this exercise in the open air throughout the year, throwing the shoulders back and inflating the lungs. Avoid too close confinement in hot rooms. At the same time take Dr. Kay's Renovator, beginning with a dose half an hour before each meal and increasing this, if it should be necessary, until it has a slight laxative effect upon the bowels. The Dr. Kay's Lung Balm should be taken to quiet the cough and for its healing effect upon th. lungs. If this is persevered in as it should be, a large per cent of the cases would recover, if not past all hope when the treatment was begun RECIPE FOR A SUBSTITUTE FOR CASTOR OIL.

Take Fluid Ex'ract o" Sen a, 1 oz; Simple Syrup, 8 oz; Fluid Extract Cascara Sagrada, % oz; Sulphate of M it? ies,a. 3 drachms; Carbonate of Magnesia, 1 drachm: Essence of Peppermint, 20 drops: Essence of Anise, 20 drops. Mix. Shake well, l ose: For an adult, one lo two tablespoonfuls. Children in proportitn to age. (See "Children, Proportional doses for,")

(See "Consumption." See also testimonial of N. J. Smith, who was cured by Dr. Kay's Lung Balm.)

BLEEDING FROM THE URINARY ORGANS. This is not a common occurence, but may take place as the result of injury from a fall or bruise, or it may be a symptom of other disease These symptoms are brought on from jumping, lifting, etc.

Treatment. To stop the bleeding, give twenty grains of gallic acid and fifteen drops of aromatic sulphuric acid in one-third glass of water. Mix these thoroughly and lake the whole at one dose and repeat this every' three or four hours until the bleeding stops. After the bleeding is stopped take the Kidneycura, beginning with one tablet half an hour before each meal and, if it does not loosen the bowels, increase it one-fourth of a tablet each day until it has a laxative effect on the bowels, increasing, if necessary, until four or five tablets are taken at each dose.

Kidneycura should oe in nearly every drug store, but if you do not find it at your store, do not take any substitute said to be "just as good," for it has no equal. You can always get it by return mail, postage prepaid, by sending the price, $1 or $5 for six, direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. (Read carefully the article on "Kidney Diseases.")

BLOOD DISEASES. The blood is the life-giving principle without wliich none of us co.ild live for a moment. If this is a fact, which I think no one will doubt, then it is very important that it should be pure. In proportion as the blood becomes impure, in that  proportion we become incapacitated

The causes of impure blood  are various. The food we eat  is many times a fruitful cause of impure blood. The water we drink is often times utterly (Wlfey unfit for that purpose, and is frequently so impure as to cause sickness and death. The water in a great many wells is extremely bad. The accomapanying cut shows some of the I V

forms of animal life found in drinking water. These animalcule are too small to be seen with the nake i eye; but we venture the assertion that they can be found in many wells where they are least suspected. The well should be cleaned often. Stagnant water is always dangerous to use. When the blood is impure, or you feel bad from any unknown cause, you should renovate the system. This will remove impuritiesRECIPE FOR ASTHMA MIXTURE.

Take Stramonium leaves, 1 oz; Lobelia leaves, H oz: Belladonna leaves, Yt oz; Saltpeter (pure), \'4 oz Puli'jrize all and mix and lieep in a bottle Directions: Shut the patient in a warm r om and sprinkle the medicine on live coals and rtand over or near it. or it can he smoked in a new chiy pipe until relieved, usually 10 or 15 minutes. Begin its use moderately and increase gradually if necessary.

and renew your blood and invigorate the whole system. Read carefully the articles "'Diseases of the B!ood," and '-Renovating the System.''

BOILS. '^ne common cause is a residence in an impure atmosphere, improper or insufficient food, mental anxiety, or anything which gives deterioration of the blood.

Treatment. Take Dr. Kay's Renovator. If constipation exists, take as directed for constipation. The renovator should be taken until the blood has been purified and the whole system renovated and invigorated. When that has been accomplished, the skin will be clear and healthy and free from boils or blotches. If the Renovator does not cause any looseness of the bowels, increase the dose gradually until it does cause at least one or two movements each day. See article on '.Renovating the System."

BLOTCHES, or eruption of the face, are a great affliction. Many faces that we meet from day to day, would be really beautiful were it not for the ugly blotches which disfigure them. The great majority of these skin eruptions are due to a diseased condition of the liver, stomach and bowels and an impure condition of the blood.

Treatment. Observe the laws of health and hygiene. Leave off rich, spiced and greasy foods. Take Dr. Kay's Renovator as recommended above for boils. Remember always to increase the dose until it acts on the bowels a little and produces one or two movements a day.

BRIGHT'S DISEASE. We will describe two forms, the acute and the chronic. The acute form is more frequent in children than in aged persons, frequently following exposure to cold, scarlet fever, diphtheria and other infectious diseases.

This disease usually comes on abruptly. The first symptoms to be noticed will be fever, nausea with violent and persistent vomiting, dull pain over the kidneys following down to the bladder, frequent desire to urinate, harsh, dry skin, diarrhoea and quick pulse. The urine usually has a smoky color, which is due to the presence of blood. Dropsy soon appears in the eyelids and face, which becomes ")uffy, and soon extends to the hands, abdomen, limbs and feet. In the chronic form, the onset is usually slow and frequently goes unrecognized until dropsy appears in the eyelids and face, as in the acute form, and then spreads over the whole body. The abdomen becomes so full that it presses on the heart, lungs and other internal organs, causing shortness of breath, dizziness and palpitation, sight becomes impaired, and the patient becomes pale debilitated. There may be complications of pneumonia, pleurisy, heart disease and inflamation of the bowels, and the spine may become affected.

Treatment. If taken early. Kidneycura will invariably cure this disease: but if the disease has been allowed to go on until the kidneys have become destroyed, it must of necessity terminate fatally, as nothing could produce a new kidney. We therefore recommend to our patients, if any of the above symptoms occur which would lead them to suspect R2CIPE FOR CARCLE FOR SORE THROAT.

Take Chlorate of Potash, 1 oz; Muriated Tincture of Iron, 1 oz; Water, 7 oz. Mix. This is the best gargle known for cankered sore throat. Should be gargled ever.v hour or two, or ap lied to the tonsils with a camel'B hair pencil h ush. Wash the leeth. well after using it, as it will injure the teeth unless care is tai;en in this.

that Bright's Disease was being fastened upon them, that they take Kidneycura as early as possible, beginning with one tablet half an hour Uefore each, meal and increasing the dose one-fourth of a tablet each day until a sufficiently large dose is taken to produce two or three evacuations of the bowels each day. Increase the dose if necessary until five or six tablets are taken each time. In taking the Kidneycura have half a glass of water ready and place the tablet on the end of the tongue, drink the water quickly and all will be carried to the stomach without the slightest unpleasant effect. It is not only safe and pleasant, but very efficient. It never disagrees with the stomach. It is best that the patient should rest quietly in bed and the diet should be looked after carefully. Of all diets, milk is the best if the patient likes it or can be persuaded to drink it in quantities of two quarts or more in twenty-four hours. Animal and ovbter broths are suitable articles of diet. All the water should be given that the patient requires, and lemonade made of about a third of a teaspoonful of pure cream of tartar and a little lemon juice. This is pleasant and agreeable. If the pain in the back should be severe, apply a hot water bag, which should be changed frequently and not allowed to get cool. The patient should have plenty of fresh air, relief from worry or business cares, and surroundings as pleasant as possible.

The Kidneycura should be continued until all the above symptoms have disappeared. It is put up in tablet form, and, while the box looks small, it should be remembered that it is made of concentrated extracts and the dose is small. By counting the number of doses in most liquid medicine, it will be found that Kidneycura has from two to four times as many doses as any selling at the same price. Do not stop its use too soon, but continue until a complete cure is effected.

Kidneycura should be in nearly every drug store, but if you do not find it at your store do not take any substitute said to be "just as good," for it has no equal. You can always get it by return mail, postage prepaid, by sending the price, $1 or $5 for six, direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. (Read carefully the article on "Kidney Diseases.")

BRONCHITIS. This is an inflamation of the membrane lining of the bronchial tubes (or air past-ages). It occurs in every grade from a slight cold to a very dangerous disease.

Symptoms. The general symptoms consist of fever, hurried breathing with a sense of tightness about the chest but not necessarily acute pain. The cough is quite severe and at first, dry and harsh, but later in the disease expectoration commences. At irst the matter raised is clear and a tenacious mucous, and afterwards becomes thicker, purulent and more abundant. The painful symptoms usually subside when the patient begins to expectorate freely. The pulse is frequent and the tongue foul. There is also headache, lassitude and great anxiety. If relief is not afforded by the expectoration or by the treatment, it assumes RECIPE FOR EAR ACHE.

Take Glycerine, 1 drachm; Tincture of Opium, 1 drachrr. Mix. Drop tiro drops Into the ear, then put a lew drops on cotton Latting and place tightly in the ear. Repeat every hour until relieved.

a very dangerous character and in some cases ends fatally. Improvement begins usually between the fourth and eighth days in those cases which terminate favorably.

Treatment. It is very important to commence the treatment of this disease as early as possible, just as soon as it is discovered that the [.jtient has taken cold and any of the above symptoms make their appearance. If you desire the best results and safest and quickest cure, the patient should be confined to the house and not permitted to go into the open air; in bad cases they should be confined to the bed with flannel blankets and plenty of bed clothes. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm should be procured as early as possible and taken as olten as is necessary to quiet the cough. It may be necessary at first to take it as often es every half hour until a few doses have been taken, but after from four to eiyht doses the period between may be extended providing the cough is kept in check sufficiently in this way. A hot foot bath and some warm drink to assist in producing a little sweating, are very useful. Place an open kettle of boiling water on the stove so as to produce considerable steam in the room, and continue the use of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm at sufficiently short periods to quiet the cough as directed above. The Lung Balm should be persevered with, as it is the very best remedy known for all such cases. It cures when all other remedies have failed. It is so.d by druggists, but if they do not have it when you call for it do not take any substitute said to be "just as good," for it positively has no equal. Send price, lOcts. or 25 cts., direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and it will be sent to you by return mail.. Read the articles on "Colds," and "Lung Diseases."

BRONCH ITIS (Chronic). Chronic bronchitis is the result of the acute form of the disease lingering without complete recovery. In cases of the chronic form give Dr. Kay's Renovator and continue the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, which is the best remedy known to quiet the cough and effect a permanent cure. Tha Renovator, however, should be continued until 'the blood has been thoroughly renovated and renewed, the patient toned up, and the disease disappears. The diet should be nourishing and of the best quality. If constipation should exist, increase the dose of the Renovator untii it produces two or three evacuations each day. The writer has been treating these cases .for twenty-seven years, and in all his experience never has seen a remedy that'he thinks worthy to be compared with the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, it is the most certain cure known and yet it does not, like so. many others, disagree with the stomach. Nearly every one is careless about allowing bronchitis to become fastened upon them and to run along until it becomes chronic. This is one of the greatest possible mistakes. Thousands have filled premature graves just because they were careless about curing a cough, and although it was not particularly troublesome at first, yet after coughing for weeks and perhaps months, it becomes dangerous to life to a greater or less degree. In thousands of such cases the patient has been unable to cure the cough until they used Dv. RECIPE FOR EYE WATER.

Take Nitrate of Potash <pure,, 1 gr; White Vitriol, 1 gr; Soft Water, 1 oz. Mix. Drop one Crop into the eye and bathe the lids. In five minutes close the eye and bathe the outside of the lids with cold water.

Kay's Lung; Balm, which cured them in a very short time. We are positive there never was a remedy as good as Dr. Kay's Lung Balm for coughs of long standing as well as every kind of cough. You should re.ld carefuny the article on "Lung Diseases."

BUNION. Tiiis consists of an enlargement and thickening at the ball of the great toe, as shown by the accompanying cut. '1 he adjacent parts become thickened and hardened. The joint is liable to be distorted. It sometimes suppurates.

Treatment. Have the boot made so large jgg as not to crowd the toes together. In very bad _ cases shoes made of buckskin are preferable to '"gjgB common leather. Apply twice a day the following: Take tincture of Iodine, 1 oz.; spirits of Camphor, 2 oz. Mix and apply morning and evening.

CARBUNCLE. This is a severe inflamationof the skin and s i jacent tissue. The swelling is hard and more or less circular in shape, but rarely comes to a point like a boil, and is usually much larger an i occasionally is of a very serious nature. It is of a dull red color and very painful. There is much heat and throbbing and a dull, aching pain in the whole of the affected part, and after a time suppuration takes place. They are located on the back, neck and shoulders, but on the back more frequently than elsewhere, and are usually caused by a vitiated state of the blood.

Treatment' Flax-seed meal poultice should be applied and changed sufficiently often to keep warm and moist. If the flax-seed meal cannot be had, use a poultice made of wheat bread and milk. Just befQre applying the poultice, spread over the surface two or three grains of powdered opium or half a teaspoonful of tincture of opium. In bad cases it would be well to consult your family physician as to the advisability of opening down to the core of the swelling. In the early stage of the carbuncle take four or five of Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets, then take two tablets before each meal or a sufficient quantity to cause two or three evacuations of the bowels each day until the system is renovated and the blood renewed, purified and enriched. If the bowels should be constipated while taking the Renovator, the dose should be increased until it has a laxative effect. The diet should be nourishing and the patient should observe the laws of health. Read carefully the article on "Renovating the System."

CATARRH OF THE STOMACH. (See also Dyspepsia.) This

affection in its acute form has been variously termed acute gastritis, gasiric fever, bilious fever, acute indigestion and sub-acute gastritis.

An acute catarrhal inflammation of 'the mucous membrane of the stomacft is characterized by loss of appetite, painful digestion, nausea with occasional vomiting, feverishness, irregularity of the bowels; and in seRECIPE FOR OINTMENT FOR SORES AND ULCERS.

Take Balsam of Peru, Va oz; Iodoform, !4 oz; Vaseline, 4 oz. Mix. One of the best of applications for indolent or foul ulcers and sores

vere attacks, dizziness, heavily coated tongue, bad taste and breath, headache, thirst, flashes of heat, sensation of burning in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, acid drinks eagerly sought after, poor digestion giving rise to pain, tenderness, eructations of gas and feeling of weight in the stomach, bowels sometimes constipated but often loose. Heartburn occurs when sweet or fatty articles of food are eaten.

Chronic Catarrh of the Stomach is the result of repeated attacks of the acute form, excessive use of spirituous liquors, tea, coffee, and the free use of ice water, unsuitable food, imperfect mastication of food, irregularity of meals, excessive use of tobacco, cancerous or other diseases of the stomach. The symptoms of indigestion in many forms are persistent and varied.

Treatment. Regulate the diet. Avoid fatty, starchy and sweet articles of food or highly seasoned foods or stimulants. A milk diet is beneficial; also a small amount of beef, eggs, oysters and a few fresh vegetables, avoiding those articles which disagree with the stomach. Eat graham bread or gems, as recommended in cooking recipes in this book, instead of the ordinary baker's bread or other white bread.

The most important part of the treatment is the proper use of Dr. Kay's Renovator. This great remedy has cured many of the worst cases, even when the best physicians as well as all of the leading patent medicines had bailed to afford any relief. For directions how to use it properly read carefully the articles under the headings "Constipation" and "Dyspepsia." Read also the many testimonials of remarkable cures which we have published.

Catarrh of the bladder and other parts of the body may be treated as recommended above. See "Bladder Troubles."

CANCER. A malignant growth. By many it is thought that a cancer cannot be cured. L hey are frequently removed by the surgeon's Imife successfully, but are liable to return. We have been told that Dr. .^ay's Renovator had cured internal cancer, cases that had been pronounced cancer by physicians. We believe there is no better remedy to take for these cases. It renovates the whole system and purifies and enriches the blood and purges away all impurities. It will do no harm to any one and when given a thorough trial will doubtless save many lives. Read the article on "Renovating the System."

CHILBLAINS. An inflammation of a part of the skin caused by exposure to cold. Children are affected wilh it much more frequently than adults. When it occurs it is considered as an indication of debility and deficient vital power. The feet are affected most and sometimes the handSj ears and nose. The symptoms are, swelling and severe burning and itching.

Treatment. When the part is severely chilled it is thought well by some to rub it with snow. then apply a liniment made as follows: camphor gum, 1 oz.; oil organum, 1 oz.; strongest alcohol, 3 ozs.; iodine, (resublimed j, 40 grs. IViix iu the same order as given above. Shake wellRECIPE FOR TOOTHACHE DROPS.

Take Chloroform, 1 drachm; Creosote, 1 drachm; Acetic Ether, 1V4 drachms Mix. Put two or three drops on cotton and insert in the cavity of the tooth

and when, dissolved apply to the surface. In these cases it is always advisable to take a course of Dr. Kay's Renovator to tone up the system and increase the vital force.

CHILDREN, (Proportional doses for). The medicines recommended by the Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., that is, the Dr. Kay's Renovator, Dr. Kay's Lung Balm and also Kidneycura, may all be used for children as well as grown persons. They are perfectly safe to use at any age, but of course the dose should be varied according to the age of the child, and we therefore give the following directions in giving any of these medicines to children. For a child twelve years of age give one-half the dose recommended for an adult. For a child six years old give one-third the amount recommended for an adult; for a child four years old, one-fourth the amount; for a child three years old, one-fifth; two years old, one-eighth; one year old, one'twelfth to onefifteenth; six months old, one-fifteenth to one-twentieth; one month, one thirtieth. Bear in mind that the doses prescribed in this pamphlet are the doses which we advise for a grown person. For children, give the proportional dose as we have recommended above, according to the age of the child.

CHILDREN, (Sickness of). It frequently occurs that children are sick when no regular form of disease can be recognized, the difficulty being functional derangement of the stomach or bowels, caused, perhaps, by eating some indigestible food, etc. The child is hot and feverish and many times quite dumpish. In cases of this sort give the Dr. Kay's Renovator as early as possible, giving', perhaps, double the ordinary dose recommended, or sullieient to produce a free evacuation of the bowels, remembering always that this remedy does not act very speedily; usually it takes from tun to fifteen hours before it moves the bowels, but we would advise that the dose be repeated, say three times a day, or half an hour before meal time. If necessary, Epsom salts may be given in ten or fifteen hours to hasten the action of the bowels. On the second day give only half the quantity, or about the regular size dose and continue this for a few days. If the unpleasant symptoms are caused, as we stated above, by the functional derangement of the stomach or bowels, which is usually the case, this treatment is a! ways successful. If it should be some other form of disease, of course it might be necessary to change the treatment, but ordinarily, in any disease where the above symptoms are noticed, you can hardly go amiss in following the treatment recommended above. See articles on "Renovating the System," and on "Germs."

CHILLS are usually the premonitory symptoms, or the onset, of some disease, although they may occur as in nervous affections on account of sluggish circulation, impure blood, insufficient amount of blood, excitement, etc. Should it be known that the chill is due to nervousness, Dr. Kay's Renovator is the best possible nerve tonic and should lie taken at once and the treatment persisted in for quite a number of days or weeks until all unpleasant symptoms have subsided. The system should RECIPE FOR ECC NOCC.

Beat one egg thoroughly until thick and creamy and full of air bubbles, then add slowly to this one cup of boiling milk, stirring the egg conslantly while pouring on the boiling milk. This makes the very best of nourishment in almost any sickness. It agrees with the stomach when other articles of food will not.

be renovated thoroughly and the blood purified and renewed. Should it be due to impure blood, sluggish circulation, insufficient amount of blood, etc., the Dr. Kay's Renovator is the best remedy possible. The diet should consist of nutritious and easi ly digested food. If the chill is followed by fever, or if malaria is known to exist, follow the treatment prescribed for ague. If the chill is followed by high fever, rapid pulse, short breath, dull pain near the nipples, the respiration accompanied by a moan, flushed countenance and followed in a day or two by rusty or bloody sputa, see symptoms and treatment for pneumonia. Chills usually precede typhoid fever, pneumonia, the formation of an abcess, pei itunii is, scarlot fever, measles, small pox, erysipelas, etc., and if it is thought tne trouble is one of the above named diseases, see our treatment for those diseases.

CHOKING. This very distressing symptom maybe caused by a foreign body in the windpipe.

MOST alarming aociJoat which is very serious, is the sucking into the windpipe a morsel of food or some other substance This occurs quite frequently with children and many times with older persons. A large variety of articles have been drawn into the larynx, such as nuts, marbles, pebbles, coins, buttons, pins, corks, hair pins, false teeth, etc. If the body has passed through the larynx into the windpipe it is a very serious condition. It may be expelled during a violent fit of couching, but often it can only be removed by the operation of tracheotomy, which is to open the windpipe. There is a chance that the body may be expelled the same way it entered. To favor the expulsion, the patient should lie down with the head lower than the feet, or he may be held up for a minute by the heels as shown in the accompanying illustration, so as to get the

assistance of tne lorce of gravity. This, however, should only be done if the doctor is at hand ready to perform tracheotomy, as a last resort, if it should become necessary

CHOLERA MORBUS. An acute catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, of sudden occurance. The symptoms are violent pains in the abdomen, rapid pulse, cold surface, incessant vomiting and purging, spasmodic contraction of the muscles and prostration. It is caused by eating unripe fruit and vegetables and by the fermentation of food.

Treatment. A majority of cases recover even without treatment, but it is cruel to allow even the mildest cases to go without treatment, and RECIPE FOR PORRIDGE.

Take one pint of milk, one pi t of water, one teaspoonful of flour and one teaSDoonful of jorn meal. Dissolve flour and meal, tree from lumps, in a little cold milk When the milk and water is oili'g hot, add the dissolved flour and meal and let it boil five minutes. Salt to suit the taste. This is the best nourishment known to quiet and settle the stomc, 'h from nausea and vomiting.

dangerous to neglect any. The Cholera Mixture, recipe for which will be found on page 11:2 of this book, w perhaps the best remedy that can be given to relieve the pain and cramps as well as the excessive vomiting and purging. The dose m'.y be repeated in from fifteen to thirty minutes if relief is not afforc1 id soorer. It sbould be kept in every house ready for emergency. Heat should be applied to the abdomen by using a hot brick or o. her substance, or apply a mustard plaster. The next day, after the vomiting and purging have subsided, begin taking a half dose of Dr. Kay"s Renovator, and in two days begin to increase it gradually. Continue its use to increase the action of the liver and the entire glandular system and a complete recovery will be the result.

CATARRH. ThuJerm "catarrh" is applied generally to. inflammations of the mucous membranes attended by increased secretion. Ordinarily people speaking of catarrh have reference to chronic nasal catarrh, in which there is a feeling of fullness in the nasal passages, increase of the secretion, the character of which may vary, with impaired sense of smell. An almost constant, dull frontal headache indicates an extension of the disease to the frontal sinus. When ulceration of the nasal passage occurs the discharge has a fetid odor.

The senses of smell and hearing are perverted. This is a very common disease and is attended with more or less danger when neglected, as the mucous membrane is liable to be destroyed and the disease extended to the tonsils and larynx, causing hoarseness and weakness of the voice. It may extend to the bronchial tubes, causing cough and soreness of the chest and perhaps final'


Take Cream, 2 parts; Milk, 1 part; Lime Water. 2 parts; Sweetened Water, 2 parts; the sweetened water to he pre: ared by adding eight level teaspoonfuls of sugar to 1 pint of waier which has been boiled.

lj result in consumption. There is no disease more common nor is there any more neglected. Exposure to sudden changes of temperature is a most fruitful cause, and after repeated attacks it becomes a very obstinate disease, making it difficult to breathe through the nose.

In some cases it extends to the tear duct and it becomes congested and closes, the tears flow and the eyes are congested.

Catarrh does not often directly cause death; but it is a disease even in the mildest forms which causes much trouble and makes one miserable when neglected. However, there is no disease which leads to so great a variety of troubles, many of which result in death sooner or later. Some of the most troublesome are gastritis, or catarrh of the stomach, catarrh of the eyes, ear, tonsils, larynx, pharynx, bronchial tubes, capillaries, air cells, lining of the lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas, heart, kidneys.' bladder, etc.

Thus it will be seen that catarrh or chronic inflammation of any or all of the internal organs is the cause of a vast number of diseases which have been usually thought to be entirely different in their nature, but in fact are essentially the same disease and require nearly the same treatment to effect a cure.

Treatment. The treatment should be both constitutional and local. Constitutional beca'i"" in nearly all cases, especially which have existed for a long time, the blood has become impure and the constitution weakened. It should be local when the parts can be reached 10 cleanse the membrane and hasten its restoration to a natural, healthy condition.

The best constitutional treatment is a thorough course of Dr. Kay's Renovator. This not only renovates the whole system, but it purifies and enriches the blood and gives new life and vigor to the whole body. It also possesses great healing power, so that all inflamed and diseased organs are healed and restored. Be«rin by taking one teaspoonful of the liquid Renovator in a little water half an hour before each meal and gradually increase i he dose until one tablespoonful is taken at each time unless it should loosen the bowels too much, in which case take only enough to produce one free evacuation each day. In cases where the patient is constipated one or more of the small Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets should be taken at bed time and contin ued with the liquid until the constipation and catarrh have both been entirely cured.

Read carefully the article on "Constipation" and follow out the instructions given there carefully.


Made as any white bread. Add a heaping tablespoonful of sugar for every loaf and use equal parts of graham and white flour. Knead and bake the same as any bread. Do not sift ttie graham flour.

The best local remedy known is Dr. Kay's Catarrh. Cure. This will cure nearly all oases of simple nasal catarrh without any other treatment, but it will always be found to be best to renovate the system thoroughly in addition to using the Dr. Kay's Catarrh Cure. It is better for many reasons, for it not only aids in curing the catarrh, but it renews the life and vigor of the whole body.

In using the Dr. Kays Catarrh Cure the most simple way is to crush and dissolve one tablet in about four to six large tablespoonfulsof water, blood warm. Pour out about a tablespoonful into the palm of the hand and snuff it up well into the nostrils so it will pass back to cover all the inner surface of the nostrils, then blow the nose to clear the head and repeat several times until alI the solution has been used. This should be repeated two or three times a day until the cure is complete.

In some cases where the solution is not carried far enough to reach all the diseased membrane or where the catarrh has extended back to the tonsils or larynx and bronchial tubes, then you could use the same solution of the cure as advised above in an Atomizer like the one shown in accompanying cut. If desired we can send the atomizer by mail on receipt of 50 cents.

There are some very bad cases of long standing where it may be found desirable to use a natal douche like the one shown in the cut. When the douche is used it may be necessary in some jf the most aggravated cases to cleanse the head first by allowing a mild suds made with pure white castile soap and warm water, to pass through the

head until a quart had passed and then put into the douche a solution made by crushing and dissolving two of Dr. Kay's Catarrh Cure tablets in eight or ten large tablespoonfuls of warm water and place it in the douche and let it pass through the nostrils as before. In either method you should clear the head often by blowing the nose to clear the membrane, so the solution will come directly in contact with the diseased parts.

In all of these cases you should renovate the system thoroughly. See article under the heading '-Renovating the System."

Druggists keep Dr. Kay's Renovator and Dr. Kay's Catarrh Cure, but if they do not have it when you call for it do not take any substitute wbicb. they may say is "just as good," for it has no equal. Remember

One egg: 2 heaping tablespoons of granulated sugar: 1 dessert spoonful of butter; 1 coffee cup cf sour milk; 2 coffee eups full of wheat graham [if preferred, use 1 cup of white and 1 of graham]; 1 level teaspoonful oi soda; 1 teaspoonful of salt. Stir the sugar and butter togethe: , then add the egg aud beat thoroughly; pour in the milk, reserving a little to dissolve the soda in. Lastly, add flour and salt and beat again. Bake in a moderate oven in cups or gem tins until brown.


Oil of Bergamot, 1 oz; Tincture of Benzoin, H oz; Alcohol, 1 pint. Mix.

you can always get it by return mail, postage prepaid by us, by sending the price direct to us. Prices are Dr. Kay's Catarrh Cure, 50 cents a box; Dr. Kay's Renovator, 25 cents and $1, or six for $5. Address orders to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

CLERGYMEN'S SORE THROAT. This term is used by some to designate a chronic inflammatiom oi the larynx, which in some cases extends to the bronchial tubes. Public speakers are often afflicted with it. The best remedy known for this is the Dr. Kay'3 Lung Balm. This should be taken sufficiently often to quiet the soreness and affect a cure. To relieve the hoarseness take a dose every one to three hours and continue its use until relief is obtained. By being persistent with the Lung: Balm a permanent cure can be effected. See articles on "Lung Diseases" and "Hoarseness." COLDS. The effect of a cold is usually to "close the pores" or sweat glands, and the poisons eliminated through these glands are thrown back into the circulation and results in inflammatory action.

The accompanying cut will show the appearance of the sweat-glands largely magnified. Figure 1 shows a transverse section, 2 longitudinal section, 3 a transverse section, 4 longitudinal section showing the opening upon the surface. These glands are too small to be seen with the naked eye but their function
is a very important one and is usually underestimated by most people. They number in all about two million on the entire surface of the body and eliminate from the system in twenty-four hours, various quantities, according to circumstances, ranging from one to several pounds, and averaging nearly two pounds daily.

Ordinarily the sweat is exhaled in the form of vapor, when it is known as insensible perspiration. When the glands are closed from the effects of cold, the poisons eliminated by the sweat glands are carried off through the kidneys, which is liable to overwork these important organs and result in diseased action.

There are two varieties of colds?cold in the head, (acute nasal catarrh), and cold on the lungs, (acute bronchitis). Cold in the head is an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the nose and is usually caused by changes in the atmosphere or exposure to drafts of cold air. Cold in the head is usually preceded by a feeling of lassitude, more or less pain in the front of the head, chilly sensations in the back, feverishness, feeling of dryness in the nose and an irresistible temptation to sneeze. This is soon followed by a thin watery discharge from the nose. It soon becomes purulent in character. The voice has a peculiar muffled tone, which will continue until the head is cleared out. The attack may last ten days, but as it is more often the case, it passes from the head down to the throat and on to the lungs after from one to three or four days.

Treatment. For treatment in cases of this kind see "Bronchitis." For the treatment of cold in the head, the patient should be confined to the house, especially if it is desired to get the best and quickest results. They can, however, keep about their ordinary business, but Dr. Kay's Lung Balm should be taken in either case to hasten the cure.

In very had cases it is better that the patient should take to the bed, and the bedding should consist of flannel sheets and a sufficient number of blankets or quilts to keep the patient very warm. Heat should be applied to the feet, either by hot bricks, hot water bag or some good substitute, and it would be well for
the patient to drink quite a quantity of hot lemonade and, by being well covered in bed, this will open the sweat glands and cause considerable sweating. Take the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm and continue it at frequent intervals with a sufficient quantity to relieve all irritation and coughing. The patient should remain in bed or stay about the house and continue the Lung Balm until the cold has entirely disappeared. By taking the above precaution and using the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm freely, many cases of pneumonia resulting in death would be averted. This is the safest and most effective of any cough medicine known and is sure to effect a cure if persevered in. See article on "Lung Diseases." Also read testimonials in back part of this book.

Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is sold by all druggists at 10 cts. and 25 cts., but if they do not have it when you call for it do not take any substitute which they may say is "just as good," for it positively has no equal. There has been thousands of cases cured by it after doctors and all the leading cough remedies had failed, and you will make a great mistake if you allow anyone to pursuade you that something else they are anxious to sell is "just as good," for if they don't have it you can get it by return mail from us by sending the price to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

COLIC. This consists of griping pains in the bowels, sometimes of a very severe nature, and is usually accompanied by constipation and occasionally by vomiting* The pain is of a twisting character about the navel and is usually relieved by pressure or heat applied externally. It comes on very severe and then ceases, so that there is a partial or complete ease. If constipated, see treatment under that heading and take Dr. Kay's Renovator as directed for constipation and dyspepsia.

There are several varieties of colic besides such cases as we have described above, such as stomach coiic or spasm of the stomach or neuralgia of the stomach. It is caused by a general nervous depression. The pain is a severe griping pain in the stomach, usually extending to the back, with a feeling of faintness, cold hands and feet. During the RECIPE FOR CHAFINC.

Equal parts of Starch and Boracic Acid; % part of Subcarbonate of Bismuth.

spasm give, to quiet the pain, for a grown person one grain of powdered opium or one-eighth grain of morphine. As soon as the pain has subsided commence the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator as directed for dyspepsia and continue this until the system is thoroughly renovated and the disease cured. Guard against an overdose of opium or morphine.

There is also what is known as hepatic colic which is caused by the passage of gall stones from the gall bladder. As it passes from the gall bladder into the gall duct it causes a piercing, agonizing pain in the right side in the region of the gall bladder, and spread* over the abdomen. As soon as the gall stoue passes the pain stops suddenly. To cure this permanently begin the treatment just as soon as the pain stops and renovate the system thoroughly as recommended under the heading "Renovating the system." See also article on "Jaundice."

CONSTIPATION, Or Costiveness. This is a functional inactivity of the intestinal canal, due either to a lack of muscular tone or from a defflciency of the secretions of the intestines and liver, or both. It is

very remarkable that people so often treat this matter as though it was of no importance, but we assure all who read this that it is of the greatest possible significance.

We will endeavor to make this subject plainly understood so ohat all who read this carefully may know ju?t why it is of the greatest importance to cure it as soon as possible.

The intestines of a person in perfect health are surrounded by delicate muscles which contract to force along the contents of the bowels; but they are very delicate and as soon a, a person becomes constipated they be come distended and so stretched oui as to lose their power. There are also, as we have described under thi headings "Dyspepsia" and "Renovating the System," several thousands of little glands, situated all along the stomach and intestines, whose office is to secrete fluids to aid in digesting the food taken into the system. It addition to this there are also several thousands of little absorbant vessels along the digestive tract, whose office is to absorb, or suck up all the parts of the food which has been digested and converted into the fluid state. To understand this plainly you should examine all the illustrations carefully here given, and also in the articles on "Dyspepsia" and "Renovating

The above illustration shows the relations of the a. dominal viscera. A shows stomach. B the lower p :rtion of the oesophagus or entrance to stomach. C gall Madder. D liver. E pancreaa F spleen. G large intestines. H small intestines. I appendix \ermiformis, the seat of appendicitis.


Take equal parts of powdered Pumice Stone and Whiting. Mix evenly and apply with, a piece of damp flannel. Polish with a piece of dry chamo s skin or flannel.

the System." Also read carefully the descriptions given under those heading's.

This condition is usually neglected and looked upon by inexperienced people as of no particular importance, but we assure you that it is of the greatest possible importance and should be cured as early as possible. The great Lyman Beecher once gave to a friend as a parting admonition: "Fear God, keep a clear conscience, and keep your bowels open."

Many people go for months and even years, troubled all the time with this very deceptive derangement of the natural functions, giving it but little attention or thought. This is very wrong. It is a sin against your own body, and if it is neglected, you will surely have to pay the penalty. The inactivity of the bowels, when neglected, usually increases until the whole system is diseased, so that the person who is in the least afflicted with constipation should beware lest it continue and increase until he becomes a physical wreck. When in a natural, healthy condition the bowels should move once a day, and when so disordered as to go two or more days without any evacuation, it should not be neglected, but treated as we direct below, and restore the system to a natural, healthy condition as soon as possible. lif neglected, in a little time the effects begin to show themselves in the appearance, one by one, of the following symptoms: Dyspepsia, headache, mental torpor, vertigo, palpitation on exertion, melancholia or despondency, and a great variety of bad feelings and unfavorable symptoms. It is claimed by some of the most noted physicians that constipation causes more misery and suffering than all other functional derangements

ofthehodv comhined Tf this This illustration shows a longitudinal section OI tne Douy comoinea. _iitnisof tne sm.al iulestine8i iargeiy magniaed. A

is true, as it no doubt is, til en shows th; lon~itndin* 1 muscular coat. B shows

no person can afford to neglect the circular muscular coat which consists of

it fnr ; aino'lp rlnir no it ia mire complete muscular rings surrounding the intesit ior a single aay, as it is sure tlnes By their oontraction they pr0duce the

to grow worse it allowed to peristal' ic action which fore :s the food enward. continue. C sh ws the sui'mu ous c. at and is made up of

ii, stiiflvino- nnrpfnllv nil thp lymphatic vessels, nerves and blood vessels. D £sy stuuymg careiuiiy ail tne shows tne mucous membrane which continues all illustrations we give here, as over th2 inner surface of t'.e intestines The well as under the headings a''ove cut is largely magnirted but in the live ""nvsnonsin" nnrl "TCpnnvaHno' subject the surface of themembra. es come nearuyspepsia ana innovating er to?ether whicn leaves a depress on between

the System, you will readily the two sides, which greatly aids in absorption; see that if this is neglected, all but whe 1 constipated they are distended and that portion of the food whichlose th(4r power of absorption, should be digested and absorbed in the intestines is not only a waste or loss to the system, as it never reaches the blood, but is a source of great danger to the system, because of the fact that it decays to a greater or less extent. Thus it pobons the system making the blood impure and causing a long train of bad symptoms. The patients are continually wondering why they feel so bad. We wonder how they feel as well as they do.

Treatment. This should be varied according to the case. To simply produce a movement of the bowels is making no advancement towards a permanent cure, and so we caution our patients against getting in the habit of depending upon drastic cathartics or the ordinary pills recommended for this purpose, which affords only temporary relief. The best treatment for constipation is the treatment which we recommend below, and the patient should keep in mind that this condition of the bowels cannot be overcome in a very short time, as is usually desired and many times expected by persons afflicted in this way.

To effect a permanent cure take Dr. Kay's Kenovator as follows: Begin by taking one teaspoonful of Dr. Kay's Renovator in a little water half an hour before meals. At bed time take three of the small size Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets and if this does not loosen the bowels the following day then increase the dose until five or six tablets are taken at bed time if it should be necessary. After the bowels have been acted upon freely, the number of tablets taken at bed time may be gradually lessened and the quantity of the liquid should be increased until "the tablets are left off entirely at night. And the dose of the liquid should be increased until a tablespoonful is taken before each meal. If you find this quantity of the liquid loosens the bowels too much then take less until you get just sufficient to produce one or two movements each day. If on the contrary it should not cause one movement every day then take enough of the tablets at bed time so you will have one or two movements every day. This should be continued until the system is renovated and invigorated and the constipation has been entirely cured. Tin: Dr Kay's Renovator tablets, when taken from two to six at bed time, make one of the best laxatives known and may be used for that purrose whenever it is so desired. To overcome constipation or dyspepsia the tablets should be taken as we have directed above. It is very important that when you are once relieved of the constipation you should be very punctual and particular to go to stool immediately after breakfast each day. It will
be utterly impossible for us, or any other treatment, to cure you so that jou will remain cured without your own assistance in this matter, and this should be begun at once and persevei ed in all through life. By perseverence in this respect, and the proper use of the Dr. Kay's Renovator as we have advised above, in a little time the intestines will resume their natural, healthy action and you will be restored to a healthy condition; provided, as we have stated above, you persevere in these directions. Dr. Kay's Renovator acts by restoring the bowels to their natural condition, and this cannot be done with only a few doses.

The cure is sometimes very rapid, but it must not be expected that the only thing necessary is simply "to move the bowels," because with the ordinary remedies the patient is just as bad oft again in a few dajs. By our treatment the bowels will be moved gently and by persevering in the use of the Renovator and following out the other directions the secretions of all of the glands are restored again to their natural condition. The muscular coats of the intestines are toned up and nature will soon reassert itself .ind this function will be performed naturally ngain and all the unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

The accompanying cuts show various forms of y germ life as they appear under the microscope. They are found in the large intestines of people troubled with constipation. They escape the action of the digestive thuds in the small intestines because pf the intestinal glands having been dried up in consequence of costivetiess. There is found with the feces more or less mucous and a great abundance of the germs. It is the presence of these germs that causes the putrefactioti of the contents of the bowels. The germs described above, together with a portion of the decomposed fecal matter, are taken into the blood more or less, thus poisoning this most important life-giving fluid. Under such circumstances is it any wonder that a person is miserable and sick and despondent?

Knowing the cause it is not so difficult to effect a cure. The experiments which we have made demonstrate to a certainty that Dr. Kay's Renovator is the very best remedy which has ever been discovered for the above described cases as well as every case of constipation. In some cases there may be an enlargement of the abdomen, which is caused by the accumulation of fecai matter on account of a deficiency of the peristaltic action of the bowels. In cases of this kind it would be well for the patient each morning before rising from bed to lie on the back and knead the bowels, passing down
on the left side of the abdomen, across to the right and up on the right side and then across to the left again. This should be geutle at first and increased after. If this is persevered in each morning it will aid in these particular cases very much to hasten the restoration of a natural, healthy peristaltic action. The liquid Renovator should be persevered with for a sufficient time to renovate the system thoroughly after stopping the tablets. We have explained under the heading ''Renovating the System" that the small size, which is in tablet form, and made from concentrated extracts, is not just like the liquid as those ingredients which act most on the bowels an^ liver are largest in the small tablets. This makes them particularly valuable in the beginning of the treatment of constipation, or dyspepsia accompanied by constipation, or to use for any purpose where any remedy is used to move the bowels. There is no cathartic pill made by anybody in this country or any other that is as good and safe to move the boweis for every purpose as the small size Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets, as they bring about a natural, healthy condition of the bowels, liver and the whole grandular system, leaving the system in a better condition than any other remedy known, and are not a mere temporary relief like nearly all pills. They should be kept in every family for this purpose, and when used promptly they will save much sickness and many lives. They are perfectly safe and very efficient. They cause no inconvenience or griping.

The small Renovator is 25 cts, and the large $1 or six for $5. Druggists sell it but if they do not have it when you call for it do not take a substitute said to be "just as good.'' for it has no equal. You can always get it by return mail by sending the above price direct to us if they do not have it. We send all tablets postage prepaid and all orders for liquids amounting to $j we send freight prepaid. You can have $6 worth of assorted remedies if you desire for $5 and freight prepaid. See articles on''Dyspepsia" and''Renovating the System," and testimonials. Address Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co. Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

CONSUMPTION. It would be impossible in a short treatise like this to give a thorough description of this disease and we shall not, therefore, attempt it, but only notice some of the svmptoins present and give the most approved methods of treatment, taking it for 'granted that most people are familliar with the symptoms and nature of the disease. It makes its appearance gradually. The patient is usually very susceptable to "colds" or "catarrhs" on the slightest exposure. Gradually a persistent cough with the expectoration of muca-pus is established, each severe cold being accompanied by a chill, fever, pain in the chest, and either a slight hemorrhage or blood streaked sputa. Finally the catarrhal symptoms become persistent with morning chills, evening fevers and rather profuse night sweats, loss of appetite and feeble digestion; the cough increases as time passes by, the patient becomes exhausted, the symptoms growing persistently worse. If the RECIPE FOR FOOD FOR INFANTS WITH SUMMER COMPLAINT.

Take one tea cup of flour and tie up tightly in a clo~e muslin bag and put it into a kettle of cold wa er and ooil three hours, take out and dry. When wanted for use grate it, using one heaping teaspoonful to one cup of milk; wet he flour with .i little cold water, stir into the milk and boil live minutes. Salt a very little. If this is too thick to feed through a l ottle, use less of the flour. If the child is very bad, add a teaspoonful of water to ever.v cup of milk

sputa should be examined under the microscope the peculiar bacilli, which is the cause of the disease, would be found present. There are other symptoms which may arise in the different forms of the disease.


Put pieces of stale bread in the oven and brown slowly but do not burn. When done put into an earthen dish and pour on boiling water and let stand a few minutes and then pour off the water. Add a little cream or milk and s jveeten to taste. This is good for turning sickness at the stomach. When used for this purpose leave out the milk.


Take Turpentine, 1 pint; Fish Oil, 1 pint; Sulphuric Acid, a oz. Mix first the Turpentine and Oil and then mix the Acid Kraduall, or it will break the bottle. After cooling, shake well. This is one of the ? est applications in use for barbed wire cuts or any raw sore on man or beast. Apply only once a day.

Treatment. There are certain remedies which have a beneficial effect, it is very important to observe strictly all the laws of health. It is very important to have frequent and proper exercise in the open air, avoiding violent or too long continued exercise, which is liable to bring on fatigue. Great care should be taken to air thoroughly the sleeping apartment every day (some time during the middle of the day) throwing opjn the blinds and curtains to allow the sun to shine into the room as much as possible. A good, nourishing diet, composed largely of good, fresh beef or other fresh meats, also fresh milk and fresh sweet cream in as large quantities as can be taken without producing disgust, is of the greatest possible importance. The best possible fresh butter should enter largely into the diet, but not in sufficient quantities to produce disgust or cause indigestion. In every way nourish the body to the fullest possible extent. The Dr. Kay's Lung Balm should be taken in sufficient quantities or sufficiently often to quiet the couoh. The Lung Balm is now known to be the best remedy in use and it should be persevered in until the cure is complete. It will not only help, but it will cure all cases where the constitution is not broken down and the case too far advanced. It is surprising to know the truly wonderful cures that have been made with this remarkable remedy. Of course each patient should render all possible aid to the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm by treating every unfavorable symptom with great care and by observing the laws of health strictly.' If the digestion is poor, take Dr. Kay'3 Renovator as directed for dyspepsia; but do not take too large a dose of it, only enough to secure one movement of the bowels each day, or, in other words, take all you can without causing two movements daily. The Dr. Kay's Renovator should be taken half an hour before each meal, and this may be increased or diminished according to the effect which it has upon the bowels, endeavoring to produce one evacuation each day immediately after breakfast, and the patient should be very particular to go to stool immediately after breakfast each day. If the appetite should still continue to be poor, one grain of sulphate of quinine may be taken a few times if thought necessary with the Renovator half an hour before each meal. A diet which is composed mostly of fresh milk has many times been very useful, especially when the appetite has been poor or when other articles of food are not well digesteu, or disturb the stomach. In nearly all cases fresh milk is very valuable as a part of the diet. It shouid be taken as soon as possible after milking an.i a cow should be selected that gives good, rich milk. The paiient should make a practice of walking in the open «m. and inflating the lungs wiih nearly every breath, or, in other words,
inhaling a large quantity of air instead of simply taking a short breath. The shoulders should be thrown back and the luugs filled with fresh air, and this should be persevered in day after day. In many localities, especially in low, damp, marshy districts, if the patient can do so, he should go to some location where there is a high altitude and dry, bracing air, such as is usually found in Colorado, central and western Kansas, and in many portions of Minnesota. Many patients make a mistake by remaining at home until they have passed all hope of recovery and then make a change of climate. It is better always to go early, if it is decided to make a change, and not wait too late; but the treatment which we have recommended above should be persevered with in any event, whether a change is made or not.. It is well to select some light, out-door employment which the patient can and will become interested in. Always wear flannel next to the skin and dress reasonably warm. The patient should resist the inclination to cougn as much as possible and the treatment recommended above should be persevered in and continued untill there is a complete recovery. We wish once more to emphasize the fact that the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm should be persevered with, as it is the best remedy in use for these cases. There is no medicine now known that is so valuable for consumption as the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. When the above directions are followed strictly it will cure all cases that are not so far advanced that they are beyond all help. See article on "Lung Diseases." Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is sold by nearly all druggists at 10 cts. and 25 cts. a box. If your druggist does not have it do not take any substitute which he may say is "just as good," for it has no equal. Remember you can always get it by return mail, postage prepaid, by sending the price to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. CONVULSIONS. (See Epilepsy.)


Boil 1 cup of rice In 2 quarts ol water for two hours; squeeze through a cheese cloth strainer; add boiled water until it is thin enough to feed through a nursing bottle. To every cup o, this add one teaspoonful of sweet cream. Sweeten and salt to taste. In a case of vomiting, leave out the civ am. This is very nutritious and is an excellent food at any time for infants.


Make the same as rice gruel. (See page. 132.) This is an excellent food for infants inclined to constipation or thoge unable to assimila e milk. It is very nutritious as it contains all the elements essential to a healthy growth. We have known cases where infants could not digest the prepared infant food but took this without anv trouble for several months.

CORNS. This is a horny hardness of the skin. It occurs chiefly On the joints of the toes. (See cut.) It i8 / caused by continued pressure or friction from badly made boots. It sometimes occurs on the soles of the feet and is often quite painful. Soft corns are between the toes.

Treatment. The first thing to be considered is how best to remove the pressure which has caused the corn.

Get shoes made of soft leather and so shaped as to fit the foot without causing pressure over the corn. Apply morning and evening, tincture of iodine, 1 oz. and spirits of camphor 2 ozs, mixed.

COUGHS. (See "Colds," "Bronchitis" "Consumption" and also article on "Lung Diseases."

CROUP. This is of two forms, false croup and true croup. The former is sometimes called "spasmodic or catarrhal croup," also "child crowing," and is much more frequent than true or memuranous croup. False croup terminates favorably while true croup, is a very fatal disease. The attack occurs usually during the night, the child being only slightly feverish before retiring, and awakened in the night by a paroxysm of suffocation and a dry, harsh, ringing, "croupy" cough. If the false croup is neglected and continues to grow worse, it may develope into true croup. The first symptoms of the latter are similar to those in the false and the voice becomes more and more husky and the breathing more difficult, with a shrill, whistling inspiration. The spasms of the glottis are so severe as almost to produce suffocation, and the child tears at the throat as if to remove some obstacle. There is formed in the throat a false membrane, covering the vocal chords and tonsils, which is of a grayish color and commonly called canker. It occurs in cold, moist weather and attacks young children who are exposed to cold and dampness.

Treatment. Keep the child clothed in flannel and confined to bed. The air should be kept warm and moist by placing an open kettle of water on the stove in the room. Give the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm in the ordinary dose as recommended under the head "doses for children," and this should be continued sufficiently often to relieve the cough. This is without doubt the best remedy to give internally. Apply externally over the throat a large slice of salt pork. This should be sewed on a large piece of flannel and then brought around the neck so as to b'lng the pork opposite the tonsils on both sides. If the throat should become obstructed from an accumulation of mucous, ipecac may be given in quantities sufficient to produce vomiting. The temperature of the room should be kept at about 80 degrees. In cases of membranous croup, persevere in the above treatment and call the family physician as early as possible, especially if the case is one of real membranous croup.

CYSTITIS. (See "Bladder Troubles.")

DEBILITY. The causes of debiltiy are various, but it usually is the result of some disease or from functional derangement of some of the internal organs, and there is usually a lack of nutrition.

Treatment. The cause of the debility should be sought out and removed if possible. In impotency or any other form of weakness or debility, Dr. Kay's Reuovator is the very best possible treatment and should be continued until the patient becomes strong and vigorous. The dose may be varied according to the effect had upon the bowels, taking only a sufficient quantity to produce one or two evacuations each day, and persevere with the Renovator until the system is thoroughly renovated aud invigorated, and the blood purified and enriched. If constipated, read carefully the article on constipation. If troubled with indigestion, read "dyspepsia" and follow directions given. Tiie diet should be of a rich nourishing character, such as fresh ^neats,

Take yolk of one egg, three teaspoonfuls of lemon juiee, two teaspoonfuls of sugar, two teaspoonfuls of sweet cream. Beat sugar, yolk of egg and eream together, add lemon jui^e and beat again until creamy and full of air bubbles. Add to this three-fourths of a cup of milk and half the grated rind of one lemon, and lastly beat the white of the egg to a stiff froth and stir all together. This is not only palatable but veiy nourishing and easily digested.

eggs, milk, etc. When practical take exercise in the open air. All the laws of health should be observed and all excesses avoided. See article on "Renovating the System."

DESPONDENCY, or Melancholia. This may be from a hereditary predisposition, or it may arise from grief, failing wealth, domestic and financial worry, nervous prostration, menstrual irregularity, and is quite liable to occur about the period of change of !ife, excessive use of alcoholic stimulants, etc. The onset is usually slow and the patient is usually worried over things which he cannot explain. The world seems dark and gloomy and he is constantly looking forward to some terrible calamity which is to affect him or his friends. Sleeplessness is one of the painful symptoms and one of the haiKlest to combat (see "Insomnia"), and the appetite is usually poor. In the chronic form the patient may seem to be living in constant fear of some impending danger and may have suicidal impulses, etc.

Treatment. Complete rest is very essential; a change of surroundings should be resorted to if it is a possible thing. The diet should be looked after carefully and the food should be as nutritious as the patient can digest. The apartment occupied as a sleeping room should be aired well every day. All the laws of health should be observed as much as possible. The patient should endeavor to get a nap each day during the forenoon and, if convenient, also in the afternoon. Light, pleasant exercise should be taken, but not enough to cause fatigue. Walking in the open air is very useful in many cases. Taka Dr. Kay's Renovator, beginning with an ordinary dose half an hour before each meal and increase it each day until one or two evacuations are obtained daily. This should be continued for a long lime until the patient has been invigorated, the sysiem thoroughly renovated and the blood purified. Any symptoms, such as constipation, dyspepsia or other disease, which may be present, should be treated as we have directed under its proper heading. The Dr. Kay's Renovator is the best nerve tonic that has yet been discovered and if taken for a long time will be found to be the best possible remedy for this trouble. See articles on "Nervous Prostration/' "Renovating the System" and "Dyspepsia."

DIABETES. A disease in which exceedingly large quantities of pale urine containing sugar are passed. It is frequently hereditary, or may be due to an injury or disease of the nervous system, fatigue, prolonged debility, malaria or excessive use of alcohol. The symptoms are great thirst, appetiie sometimes wanting and sometimes voracious, frequent desire to urinate, sometimes diarrnoea and sometimes bowels badly constipated, pain over the region of the ki tneys, skin dry and harsh, nervousness, headache, vivid imagination, failure of memory and the passing of from half to 5 or 6 gallons of pale urine in twenty-four hours; patient becomes very weak and languid, complains of pain and soreness of the limbs, countenance has a worn expression and the vision is freRECIPE FOR ECC WATER TO CURE VOMITING.

Beat the white of one egg to a stiff froth and stir this into a glass of water and let stand fifteen minut~s and then skim off the fioth and give the clear wa-er a few teaspoonf uls at a time.
cruently affected.



Made Worse by La Grippe.

Saratoga, N. Y. Mar. 27, 1899. Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co:?"J have suffered from bronchial trouble for over thirty years and was never able to get any, except temporary relief, and sometimes I was afraid it would drive me into consumption. I have spent many a long weary night in coughing until life almost became a burden. I have tried almost everything that I thought would give relief, besides doctoring a great deal of the time.

Last October I was taken with La Grippe which left me worse than ever and with a terrible cough which deprived me of rest and sleep. Nothing seemed to relieve me until I took Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. After using two boxes I am entirely cured, and I gladly recommend it. Wy appetite was nearly all gone for three months previous to using the Lung Balm, and I was not able to sleep. My appetite is now good and I can eat three good square meals a day.

The Dr. Kay's Lung Balm also had a remarkable effect in quieting and curing my cough and in soothing my whole nervous system so that I have resided and slept well ever since I took it. It is a wonderful medicine, the best I have ever seen."' Elijah Dowen,  Class.Leader in First M. B. Church for 34 years.

Treatment. The diet and habits of the patient should be regulated. All starchy and sweet articles of food should be absolutely avoided, such as bread or anything made from ordinary flour, potatoes, beans, peas, cracked wheat, oat meal, corn, carrots, grapes, figs, bananas; pears, apples and liquors of every description. The diet should be mainly of animal food, such as meat, poultry, fish and game. Take as little liquid as possible; milk is the best of anything to give and cocoa may be used in moderation but without sugar. Regular exercise in the . open air is useful when the weather will admit of it, and take two or three hot baths every week. The best medicine known for this very distressing malady is Kidneycura. Commence by taking one tablet half an hour before each meal and increase one quarter of a tablet each dose until it has a laxative effect upon the bowels, and then continue with sufficient quantity to insure one or two evacuations a day. This should be persevered in until a cure is effected. Flannel under-clothing should be worn the year round and persevere in the use of Kidneycura and the other treatment as recommended above until a cure is effected. Read article on "Kidney Diseases."

DIARRHOEA. This is a morbid frequency of intestinal discharges. It may occur in various diseases or it may occur where there is no other disease affecting the patient; usually caused by improper food, such as unripe fruit, raw vegetables, etc.

Treatment. It is usually best in treating this disease to give Dr. Kay's Renovator in sufficiently large quantities to produce one or more free evacuations of the bowels, to remove any undigested food or other irritating substances, and then give the cholera mixture, recipe for which we give at the top of page 112 of this book, to quiet the bowels. Many of these cases, where there is no pain, can be treated successfully by taking the Renovator and without the use of the cholera mixture, but in all cases we consider the use of the Renovator very important in order to leave the stomach and bowels in a natural, healthy condition. The Dr. Kay's Renovator is very pleasant to take and never disagrees with the stomach.

DIET. A proper diet is one which supplies the requirements of the body. A variety of food is required to sustain the body and maintain health. Milk, the product provided by nature as the sole article of sustenance for tne young, has more of the elements necessary to sustain the body than any one article of food, and, therefore, constitutes the be3t of food in sickness or health of any one article known. A mixed diet is that which is designed in the plan of nature for the subsistence of man, and it is that upon which he attains the highest state of mental or physical developement. There are those who condemn the use of animal food, but experience has shown that animal food, being identical in composition with the body to be nourished by it. is in a state to be more easily appropriated than vegetable food. It also appeases hunger mpre thoroughly and satisfies longer. It is, therefore, best that about RECIPE FOR COD FISH WATER FOR VOMITING.

Take a piece of cod fish, skin and all, and scrape as clean as possible but do not wash. Place on a toast rack and broil both sides until a light brown over a bed of live coals where there is no Maze. Be sure not to scorch. When done put on a meat < oard and pound flat, put in a bowl and pour boiling water over it and let it stand a few minutes. Pour off the water and give a teaspoonful of it every few minutes.

one-fourth of the entire diet should be animal food. It is necessary, to maintain health, that a portion of the food should be in the fresh state, and this applies to both the animal and vegetable food. Climate has a great influence upon the demand for food, and the instinct leads to the adaptation of the proper diet to the requirements of the system. In the colder climates more of the oleaginous, or heat generating, material is required, while in hot climates the vegetable products are best suited to their needs. Persons not engaged in active work should not eat large quantities of food and particularly of animal food.

In sickness it is very important to have proper food. For those who are inclined to be thin in flesh, or consumptive, foods in which fatty articles enter largely, are best, such as fat meats, butter, cream, milk, eggs, cocoa, chocolate, oat meal, bread and potatoes.

Fat people who desire to reduce their weight should pursue an opposite plan. Their diet should consist largely of lean meat (excluding the fat, also butter and cream). They should also have poultry, game, eggs, green vegetables and fruit. Milk should be used but little.

Three meals regularly every day is best for every person who desires to be well nourished. In sickness when there is a failure of digestive power, the stomach should not be overtaxed with indigestible food. In such cases liquid articles of food are best, such as fresh milk, beef tea, mutton, veal or chicken broth, barley water, rice mucilage, the juice of fruits, etc. The porridge made from the recipe at top of page 121 in this book and the egg nogg at the top of page 120 are excellent articles of diet in many cases. Gradually the patient can advance to more solid articles, such as rice, sago, tapioca, toast, graham bread or gems,

 DIPHTHERIA. For lack of space we cannot give the full discrip

tion and fu 11 treatment of this disease which it deserves, but if the treatment which we recommend is persevered in, if the disease is not too far advanced, it will be found to be successful. The disease is one of great gravity end is due to a specific germ which causes poisoning of the blood, and is attended with great prostration. One of the features of the disease is a false membrane on the tonsils and adjacent parts; it consists of an exudation which is of a grayish color. There is usually but little pain or soreness in the throat and on this account the disease is many times overlooked because the throat is not examined.

Treatment. As a rule it is safest to employ a good physician as early in the disease as possible. For a local application to be applied to the tonsils, take Chlorate of Potash, 1 oz; Muriated Tincture of Iron, 1 oz; water, 7 ozs; mix and shake well. Apply this with a camel's hair pencil brush every hour over the entire surface covered with the false membrane, and this should be continued faithfully until the patient is out of danger being careful not to get the mixture on the teeth as it RECIPE TO WHITEN THE HANDS.

Melt a pound of white castile soap over the Are with a little hot water, perfume slightly and stir in half a cupful of oat meal. Use this preparation when washing tLe hands.

would injure them. Then in half an hour give the patient from a quarter to half a teaspoonful of dry sulphur in the mouth and swallow it gradually. This, when continued for about twenty-four hours, will usually act thoroughly on the bowels as a cathartic.

For an outward application, take a large s ice of salt pork, cut about one-half an inch thick, sew this on to a piece of flannel and have it extended from one side of the throat to the other, if necessary, using two or three pieces of the salt pork and bring the flannel up around the head and fasten it in a position so that it will remain in place. The patient should be nourished thoroughly by giving one tablespoonful of beef tea and several tablespoonfuk of fresh, sweet milk as often as every two hours. It is very important to nourish the patient thoroughly. The room should be well aired and yet precaution should be taken not to allow the wind to blow on the patient. Cleanliness is very important and the attendants should be very particular after doing anything for the patient to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water to guard against contracting the disease. The Dr. Kay's Renovator should be taken to renovate the system, tone up the patient and assist him to a complete recovery, beginning as soon as the other medicines are left off, with the smallest dose and gradually increasing. This is very important as it insures a complete recovery and restores the patient to health and vigor. If there is any coughing or irritation in the throat the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm should t e taken to quiet it. See articles on "Lur.g Diseases" and "Renovating the System"

DISEASES OF THE BLOOD. There are several diseased conditions of the blood which we will notice briefly.

AN-ffiMIA is that condition of the blood in which there is a deficiency of the red corpuscles in the blood, or a deficiency in the amount of blood as a whole. In these cases the patient is pale, showing a deficiency of color in the lips, gums, tongue and ears. There is also muscular weakness and inability for exertion. There is usually deficient appetite and poor digestion, irritable temper, rapid breathing, fainting, dizziness, hysteria, etc. These cases should not be allowed to continue without treatment as is so often the case. This condition comes on so gradual that the patients or their friends do not think much about it and, therefore, we caution parents and others not to allow such cases to continue, but to begin at once the proper treatment as soon as they notice the pale lips and bloodless ears or lack of muscular vigor.

Treatment. In all these cases there is a deficiency of the action of the entire glandular system so that the digestion is poor and the body is not properly nourished. Tha following treatment, is the best in all these cases and should be persevered in until there is a complete recovery, when the lips and ears will become red and the whole system become vigorous and healthy. Take the Dr. Kay's Renovator half an hour before each meal and increase or diminish the dose until it produces a slight looseness, or at least causes one evacuation of the bowels every day. Take, half an hour after each meal, the following: Citrate of RECIPE FOR THE HANDS AND FACE.

Take l oz. of Whits Wax; 1 oz. of Spermatozoa 2 oz. of Oil of Almond: 1 oz of Tincture of Benzoin. Melt the flrst two and mix together. Stir while cooling. To soften the hands and face when the skia is rough or chapped.

Iron Soluble, 6 drachms; Iodide of Potassium, 3 drachms; water. 16 ozs. Mix. Dose: one teaspoonful in a little water. Keep in a cool place. The liquid Dr. Kay's Renovator is the best in these cases but the tab lets can be taken for a little time at the beginning as they are intended as a preparatory treatment for the liquid. A good nourishing diet is essential. See articles on "Renovating the System" and "Diet."

CHLOROSIS, (Green Sickness). This is essentially Anaemia and occurs in young girls abnuo the age of puberty. There is disordered menstruation. The complexion changes, blondes become pale with a waxy and puffy look; brunettes becoming grayish and dark in color with bluish-black rings under the eyes. They get tired on the least exertion, with shortness of breath, poor digestion and vitiated appetite. Consumption is easily developed in those who are pre-disposed to it. Treatment. The treatment should be as recommended for Anaemia, which see. Send stamp to us for a copy of "Womanhood," our special booklet on female diseases.

We wish once more to warn our readers not to allow cases of Anaemia or Chlorosis to go wii hout treatment. You should begin at once and persevere and you will be rewarded by a return to health and vigor.

OTHER. BLOOD DISEASES. There are several other diseases of the blood with symptoms wuich vary according to the case.

The most natural treatment of all blood diseases, and that which seems to be the most effectual, is the proper use of Dr. Kay's Renovator taken in sufficient quantities to produce one or two evacuations of the bowels each day. The tablets are intended as a preparatory treatment for liquid Dr. Kay's Renovator, and if they can be had it is well to take one box according to directions before beginning the liquid form. The Renovator stimulates the entire g landular system and gets it into proper working order so that the 1 est possible results are obtained.

One great failure which many make is to stop the treatment too soon; either before the remedy h:is had time to take any perceptible effect, or as soon as only a little improvement is noticed. This is a great mistake The Dr. Kay's Renovator is the most effectual remedy for these cases we know of, and yet if taken for a very lone.time will not produce the least injury in any case. If the patient should be pale, read articles on "Anaemia" and "Renovating the System." DISEASES OF THE HEART. (See "Heart Diseases.") DISEASE OFTHE KIDNEYS. (See "Sidney Diseases.") DISEASE OF THE LIVER. (See "Liver Complaint.") DIZZINESS. (Vertigo.) There are several forms of vertigo. In some cases the attack of dizziness comes on suddenly, the vision becomes indistinct and the patient may fall. In gastric vertigo there is pain in the stomach after meals, nausea and sometimes vomiting, heartburn, etc.

Treatment. If the trouble is caused from disease of the eyes


Take White Wax, 1 oz; Spermaceti, 2 ozs; Sweet Almond Oil, 8 ozs. Melt these together by a gentl: heat, take off I he fire and add while constantly heating to the whole mixture 3 ozs. of Glycerine, 30 drops of Tincture of Uenzoin and a few imps of Attar of Roses. Heat until the mass becomes concrete For softenin^ and whitening the face and h.; nils. Apply after washing in warm vrater.

suit an oculist and have glasses properly fitted. If from almost any other cause, take Dr. Kay's Renovator. If constipation exists, take it as directed for constipation on page 126. If any symptoms of dyspepsia exist read directions fur dyspepsia on page 141. The diet should be regulated. (See article on "Diet ")

DROPSY (Ascites.) A collection of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity caused by iii,pairid circulation, usually uue to a disease of the liver which impedes the circulation and dams the blood back, so to soeak, allowing the serous part of the blood to escape into the abdominal cavity. Constipation is nearly always present, due to pressure on the intestinal canal, and t he urine is scanty.

Treatment. If the cause of the dro sy can be ascertained, it should be removed if possible. The great majority of dropsy cases are due to the functional derantrement of the liver. Take Dr. Kay's Renovator, beginning with an ordinary dose, half an hour before each meal and increase the dose each day until it produces free evacuations of the bowels and continue in sufficiently large doses to produce two or three evacuations each day. Keep up this treatment until perhaps two boxes of the small size have been taken. Then begin with the l'quid Renovator and the dose of this, like the other, should be increased gradually until two or three evacuations each day are the result. It is necessary to be very persistent in the treatment for quite a long time until the functional uerangenient of the liver and other internal organs have been completely restored to healthy action. The Renovator is not only pleasant to take but it is the best alterative and tonic known. It is sure to renovate and invigorate the whole system, purifying and enriching the blood. It is safe, reliable and pleasant to take. The diet should be the most nutritious that can be obtained. The patient shoul.i take regular exercise in the open air when able to do so. Read the article on "Liver Complaint" and also "Bright's Disease'' on page 114.

DROWNING. In treating the drowned, artificial respiration should be persisted in as long as the slightest signs < f life remain or for at least two hours and until a physician arrives. Remove all tight clothing from about the neck and chest. At first, to remove the water from the mouth and nostrils, place . the head down hill somewhat low, face downward and raise the body from the hips one and a half feet for a few seconds, or until you can count olowly 6 or 6, as is shown in the illustration. Then place the patient face downward with his arms folded beneath his forehead and slowly roll him upon his side; turn him back RECIPE


Take 8 ozs. of flour, 8 czs. of English bicarbonate of soda and 7 ozs. of tartaric acid. Mix thoroughly 1 y assing through a sieve several times. Keep in a tight glass jar or bottie. Use 11/2 to 2 heaping teaspoonfuls to one quart of flour. Assume his former position, face downward, and continue to repeat this motion fifteen times every minute until an effort to breathe naturally is made by him. When he does this, stop rolling and proceed at once to induce circulation of the blood. If more than one person is present, those not needed for keeping up the artificial respiration, should remove the wet clothing and replace it with warm, dry blankets. Then commence rubbing the limbs upward, tirmly and energetically. Apply hot flannels, bottles or bladders of hot water, hot bricks, or anything most
convenient, to the pit of t'.io stomach, arm pits, between the thighs and around feet. Bathe the limbs in hot brandy or whisky and rub dry. During the reaction apply a large mustard poultice to the chest to relieve the distressed breathing and when the patient can swallow give him a little hot sling, but do not give too large a quantity. Do not delay for a moment, but begin at once to keep up the artificial respiration and continue it to the neglect, if necessiry for the want of help, of everything else. A moment's delay may turn the scale. All other treatment is secondary in importance.

As soon as respiration and the circulation have been safely established and the patient has been allowed to rest and sleep for a little time, he may take some light nourishment, n.ilk perhaps being the best.

The system havirg underg ne sucli a great shock and the natural functions of the body having been suspended for a time, it is very important that the functions of the body have proper attention. The digestion should be looked after, and for direction you should read the articles on Indigestion and Dyspepsia on. page 141. If the bowels are constipated in the least, read the article on Constipation on page 126. In many of these cases the blood becomes impoverished and changed and in these cases treat as directed for "Diseases of the Blood." For suggestions in regard to the best articles of diet, see article on that subject on page 135.

DYSENTERY, This disease is caused by an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the lar^e intestines and is characterized by mucous and bloody discharges with a constant desire to go to stool, with great straining and many times without any discharge.

Treatment. This should be begun as early as possible and use the Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets, giving one half an hour before each meal and increasing half a tablet each dose; and if the bowels do not move saffieiently to remove any irritating substance which has a tendency to Weep up the disease, then on the second day take a full dose of Epsom Salts, Rochelle Salts or Castor Oil. After the bowels have been freely evacuated give the Cholera Mixture (see page 112) and continue small doses of the Renovator half an hour before each meal; children in proportion to age. This should be kept up for a few days until the patient is fully restored to health. In very bad cases it may be necessary to sustain the strength with brandy, quinine, beef tea, etc. The Renovator will tone up the patient and purify and enrich the blood, and will always do very much good during convalescence and until the patient has made a complete recovery. If the bowels continue loose, give the Renovator sparingly. .

DYSPEPSIA. (Indigestion, "Stomach Trouble.") This is one of the most common diseases, and one of the most troublesome to cure. Some claim that there are half a dozen different varieties; but they are all practically the same disease. There are a large variety of symptoms, but it is not very often that all the different symptoms are present in any one case. It may be acute or chronic. The acute form is usually caused by some indiscretion in diet or undue excitement of the nervous system. To cure it remove the cause and the effect ceases. Repeated attacks of the acute form finally results in chronic dyspepsia. It is so common in this country that some have called it the "American complaint." Our manner of eating, sleeping, working and hurried style of living is responsible for its prevelance.

Dyspepsia is the father of almost all other diseases, and if neglected not only makes one's life extremely miserable, but is very dangerous to life. The liver, kidneys and heart may become affected by dyspepsia if al'owed to continue without cur'ngit.

Causes. Imperfect chewing of the food; bolting the food; eating too rapidly and in too large quantities; the same diet continued for a long time without any change; the free use of ice water; depressed nervous system; from worry and fatigue; sedentary habits; hard study; use of tobacco or alcoholic liquors too large quantities of liquids taken at meal time, etc


Take Oxide of zinc, 1 oz; Benzoinated lard, 1 lb. Mix thoroughly, good for ulcerated nails or any ulcer

This is also perhaps the most frequent cause of this disease is great haste in eating which results in swallowing the food in large quantities without having chewei it enough. This is sometimes done through ignorance of its great importance and sometimes through carelessness and thoughtlessness.

It is not only very important that the food should be chewed very fine, but it is also very important because, unless this is done, it will not be thoroughly saturated with the saliva from the glands of the mouth. Thus the first step in the natural order in which digestion takes place is interfered with and the food cannot be perfectly digested as the Creator designed.

Dyspepsia usually begins slowly and comes on so gradually that the patient is not aware of it until it is fastened upon him. We have had occasion repeatedly to call attention to the above facts, and although we have in some cases warned persons many times, yet they have continued to disregard the warning.

In these cases it is hardly less suicidal than with the man represented in the above illustration, who, in spite of fervent warning of the danger ahead, continues to row his boat on toward the falls. In either case their carelessness and unThis illustration shows o'ie portion of concern will surely bring them, soonthe salivary glands. A Shows the op- er or later, face to face with the ening of the gland where the saliva is poured out as the food is being chewed, alarming condition they have placed Thus it becomes thoroughly mixed with themselves in through ignorance or the food before it enters th3 stomach, carelessness. If the cuts illustrating B Shows the inner surface and rececle for saliva as it is secreted. They are thls. fact sna11 D.e instrumental in located under the tongue and secrete calling the attention of some to the the first fluid poured out in the process great danger in pursuing such a of digestion. Unless the food is well ^urse as we have described above and shall result in their heeding the warning before it is too late, we will feel well rewarded for our efforts chewed not enough of this important fluid is thrown out and mixed vith tha food, making perfect digestion impossible. It is largely magnified.

Symptoms. Perverted appetite, poor or changeable appetite, gestion poor, a feeling of weight or fullness in the stomach, sour stomach and heartburn. The food ferments in the stomach and bowels, causing gas and wind to collect in them. Belching of gas, spitting up undigested food, vomiting sour liquid with partly digested food, water


Take soft soap, 4 ozs; water, 8 ozs.; dissolve and add one pint of strongest alcohol in which has been dissolved two ounces of camphor gum, one ounce oil origanum and three ounces of aqua ammonia.

brash, pain or soreness at the "pit of the stomach" during digestion. Tongue clean or more or less coated, tongue broad and flabby and may show marks of the teeth. Bowels constipated or in some cases loose. Urine is generally scanty and high colored or in some cases it may be pale. Drowsiness alter mea's, wakefulness at night, headache, absence of mental vigor, defective memory, flashes of heat, followed by more or less sweating and palpitation of the heart. Two or three full meals during the same day cause intense suffering. Sudden attacks of severe pain over pit of the stomach extending to the risrht side, which sometimes is so severe that the patient can scarcely get his breath, followed by inability to take nourishment and great loss of flesh. In some cases the patient is extremly nervous, with cold feet and hands, and poor circulation. There may be scanty or excessive flow of saliva. There may be ulcers, canker spots or red points on the tongue or in the mo ith, bad breath, a white or brown coating on the tongue, dry throat, causing a desire to cough; sensation of a ball or lump in the throat, sickness at the stomach, a sensation of burning, heaviness or fullness in the sto'nach, and night sweats. The appetite may be absent, diminished or very excessive or in some cases a strong appei ite for articles not used as food. In some cases the patient is as hungry after eating as before. Nervousness, great depression of spirits, and sick headache, loss of memory and mind easily confused. The patient is exceedingly irritable and easily annoyed. Pain between the shoulders or under the shoulder blade. Tongue foul in the morning and bad taste in the mouth.

In some cases they are drowsy constantly, yet sleep is broken and unsatisfactory. Pain about the region of the eyes and in some cases in the back of the head and a feeling as if the eyes were bursting from their sockets. The heart may beat violently or irregularly, giving rise to the belief that the heart is affected and cause great mental anxiety and a feeling as if sudden death was impending. There is not an organ in the body that is not affected more or less by indigestion.

It is a rare thing that any one case has all of the above symptoms; but when the cause of the disease is thoroughly understood it is plain to see that any or all of these symptom* may occur. It is without doubt one of the most formidable diseases that the human family is afflicted with.

We give cuts of the g'lands of the stomach and intestines to show the delicate structure of the digestive organs. One would judge, to see some people eat, that when they take a large mouthful of food into their mouths


Take % oz. sage and steep it in a pint of soft water and strain; then add 3 draohms sugar of lead, 2 drachms lac sulphur, 3 ozs. bay rum. 3 ozs. glycerine, 1 oz. essence of bergamont. Mix and shake before using. This will turn gray hair dark.

mouth and swallow it whole without chewing, that they have an idea that it will at once pass into the blood bodily. Many people swallow food in this way thoughtlessly We ask all who are guilty of this crime against themselves to study carefully these cuts. They are largely magnified to show how they appear by looking through a microscope. They are too small to be seen with tne naked eye. When you understand this I think you will readily see that an ounce of beef steak cannot pass through these delicate organs into your blood. It must first be chewed fine which prepares it for the digestive fluids to act upon; and all of that portion This cu'. represents the mucous mi m ran3 of the which is not chewed Up stomach showing the openings of the gastric glands, fine is of little if any nu^eXoM^n into the healthy stomach the tritive value to the body, gastric juice is poured out of the thousands of little It is many times a positive gastric glands, which are locatrd over lhe surface damage: especiallv is this of the stomach, to digest the lood. As soon as the tha naan wv,pti a npponn is membrane of the stomach is congested or inflamed tne case wnen a person is it swells and th? glands are wholly or partly closed, constipated SO that it remaking perfect digestion impossible. mains in the intestines so

long a time as to become decayed. It causes many of the symptoms given above and the patient wonders why he feels so miserable. In many of these cases the wonder is that they live through such ill-treatment.

In connection with this you should read carefully the article on "Ren1 ovating the System," and study the illustrations carefully that you may understand this subject thoroughly, and ycu will then see the folly of trying to cure these cases by the methods usually adopted. You can also set why neat ly all of the treatment given for these cases is unsuccessful.

It is plain to be seen, we think, from what has already been said upon this subject that the delicate glands and absorbant vessels which are located in the stomach and all along the intestinal canal, are in all of these cases diseased. You will readily see that these delicate glands which are located all over the surface of the stomach and intestines and are numbered by the thousands, are of the greatest possible importance in the process of digestion. They secret the fluids which are mixed with the food after it has been chewed fine and thus it is made fit to be absorbed into the blood and become a part.of the human body.

Disease of the mucous membranes, which follow such treatment as the stomach gets by nearly all who have dyspepsia, must of neccessity affect the glands and absorbant vessels because they are so small and delicate  The membranes become more
congested which causes a swelling or thickening of the surface. This results in closing them wholly or partially. When this is done the secretions are at once dried up and there is little or no digestive fluid secreted and consequently the food can be only partially digested. This at once renders it unfit to be taken into the blood. At the same time the absorbants, which are numbered by the thousands, are also affected the same as the glands. This makes it impossible for them to do their work perfectly and so the undigested food remains in the intestines to poison the system, as it decays; and to cause many or all of the distressing symptoms that we have described above.


Take of barley 1 lb., chicory H lb., wheat Y2 lb., corn yt lb. Mix. Roast In an oven not too hot, until well browned, stirring often.' Grind and steep same as any coffee. If preferred a or !4 lb. of old government Java coffee can be added  that it cannot be otherwise.

Treatment. The plan pursued by nearly all who treat this most distressing of all diseases, is to give pepsine and other similar preparations with the view of supplying the digestive fluids which are not secreted naturally. While this kind of treatment affords more of less temporary relief, yet it is unsound in principle and accomplishes little or no good, because it does nothing toward removing the cause, and so the disease continues.

The treatment which we recommend acts directly on the mucous membranes to soothe them and reduce the congestion and inflammation, as well as to correct all unnatural conditions. As soon as this is done the swelling and thickening of the membranes, which close all the glands and absorbants, is gradually removed and the glands and absorbants are again restored to their natural condition and begin to perform their natural functions as the great Creator designed they should. When this has been accomplished the stomach and intestines will do their work properly. Then and not till then car; the patients say they are well. Patching up and doing the work of the stomach by artifiv,.il means, will never bring permanent relief. Our treatment cures so you will stay cured. We don't believe in that system which only patches you up and keeps you fairly comfortable while you are dosing all the time. Our treatment cures so the stomach and bowels do their own work. Then all the distressing symptoms named above will disappear, and you can not only enjoy a good meal but life will again seem worth living.

It has always been the opinion of the author of this book that all dispases should be treated according to the cause of the disease and the conditions which follow. This being the case has lead us to study care


We give the following for the benefit of those who think they must have something different than water. It should be remem ered thitt alcoholic dr nks create an unnatural thirst, and so it is with nearly all summer drinks. We believe there is nothing bette than good pure water, cool but not ice oold.

Take 2 lbs. white sugar, whites of 2 eggs, 2 ozf. t rtaric acid, 2 tablespoonfuls of flour, 2 qts. of water and the juice of one lemon; boil two or three minutes and flavor to taste. When wanted for use, take % teaspo nful of soda and dissolve in half a glass of water, put into it about two tablespoonfuls of the mixture and it will foam to the top of the glass.

fully the cause and symptoms of dyspepsia. From the careful description which we hive given in the fore-going pages it will be seen th.lt the cause is a diseased condition of the glands and absorbants which has stopped their action. Consequently the food is neither digested or absorbed. To go back of this we find that the mucous membrane lining of the stomach has become diseased and is congested or inflamed. After becoming thoroughly convinced of the above facts we set about to discover a remedy to remove the cause and restore the diseased membranes, glands an i absorbants to their first state and condition. To accomplish this it was evident that the system must be renovated.

The dictionary says to renovate means "to make new; to restore to the first state; to revivify; to resuscitate." This is just what mus' be done in order to cure this disease.

The glands and absorbants must be renovated or restored to their first state. To do this we must have a remedy which will remove from the stomach and intestines all accummulations of undigested food and other substances which n:ay be wholly or partially decomposed. While this is essential yet it must be kept in mind that the delicate membranes must not be treated harshly, as they are tender and sore and only such remedies should be used to move the bowels as have a soothing and healing effect upon these diseased membranes. We believe it is safe to say that never before the discovery of Dr. Kay's Renovator has there ever been a remedy that would move the bowels effectually and yet not irritate in the least, delicate mucous membranes which were already congested or inflamed, and at the same time that this most desirable effect was being accomplished that it also had a soothing and healing effect Remarkable as this may seem, yet it is true as thousand who have used it will testify.

We refer with pride to the testimonials in the back of this book from prominent clergymen and other prominent people who have used Dr. Kay's Renovator with the best of success. The testimonials are very fair samples of thousands who h ive b ;en cured by Dr. Kay's Renovator. People are apt to say that printed testimonia s are not true and they do not believe in any because they have heard of some that were not reliable


For shinples and other skin diseases, indolent sores, etc. Take carbolio acid, Yt drachm: morphine. 2 g's.; boric acid, 1 drachm; vaseline, 2 .zs.: paraffin, yz oz. Melt and stir tope her constantly until cold. Give Dr. Kay's Renovator small size tablets in doseg large enough to keep the bowels loose.

For this reason we have only printed testimonials here from prominent people who are so widely known and who have such an unimpeachable character as to make douot impossible. We have no dis position to print them different than sent to us. Anybody knows that such men would not tolerate the least misrepresentation, and they can all be easily verified by-writing directly to eachofthem.

The pian pursued by m.m/ physicians is to give pepsine, pancreatine, etc., to digest the fond. This is like the teacher working the difficult problem for the indolent student instead of encouraging him to do the work himself. This usually affords temporary relief but it does little, if anything, towards effecting a permanent cure.

We believe it is a great mistake to take a remedy of this land simply because it gives temporary relief, when from the very nature of the case it is p ain that it can do but little, if anything toward removing the cause. Common sense teaches every person that to cure such a disease one rr.uut remove the cause. This is why we have treated this disease above at such great length, th t all might understand plainly the cause and take a good, sound common sense view of this whole matter.

Many do not know just what pepsine is and so we will give you a brief idea of how it is prepared. The stomachs of hogs are taken from the slaughter house and put through a process of treatment for the purpose of securing the digestive fluids of these stomachs. When the process is completed a dry powder is the result which is supposed to represent the digestive juices in a powdered form. Pancreatine is prepared in a similiar manner from the pancreas. They are given by some for dyspepsia with the view of supplying for the stomach what it has been deprived of because the membranes are diseased and the digestive glands are consequently diseased and dried up. If we were to grant that, these remedies do all that is claimed for them (which we do not) even then it is plain that all that could be expected is to digest the one meal for which a dose is taken. If this was done it gives only temporary relief as more must be given the next meal to help digest that and so on.

It is better to strike to the very root of the whole matter and remove the cause, and as soon as that is done the stomach will do its own » ork naturally, instead of the more unnatural way of calling on the stomach of the hog for help. To illustrate; an old soldier who had dyspepsia accompanied by constipation for thirty-five years, ever since

The above Illustration shows the lymphatics or absorbant glands (largely mngnitied) A Shows the in' er surface of the intestines. B Show* the e ceedingly tine net work of blood vessels. Their office is to absor or "suck up" that, portion of the fcod which has been dissolved and digested, and carry it into the blood so that it becomes a part of the human body.


Take 1 teaspoonful cf sweet spirits of nitre and 2 teaspoonfuls of fresh olive oil. Mix and take in water three times a day. Apply to the surface the carbolic salve (See recipe on page 47) until they are entirely cured. The writer has had an opportunity of treating a very large number of these cases, many of which have been the very worst forms of the disease, and our experience has convinced us that there are no cases of dyspepsia which it will not cure if persevered with and varied as stated above.

One mistake that a great many make is to stop its use too soon, when perhaps they are not more than h ,if cured. This is usually in cases where the patient is doing sp endidiy and they think they are all right. As we have known many to stop its use too soon, we offer it as a word of advice, to continue it until you are completely well.

Do not drink too much with your meals. It is better not to drink more than half a cup or less of coffee (not too strong) with the meal and drink what water you want two hours alter meals and half an hour before meals. Good, fresh, sweet milk is a good article of diet for most people and some will find it a good article to substitute in place of coffee.

In regard to the diet such articles as beef, eggs and milk are most suitaule. The quantity of food to ue taken at any one meal should not be too large. Avoid rich pies and pastries and all food difficult to digest. Fruits may be used quite freely if they agree with the stomach. It should be well cooked ordinarily. Thoroughly cooked oatmeal and rice are usually well borne. Graham bread or gems, made according to receipts given in this book, are better than white bread. Neither hot nor fresh bread should be used. Also avoid fried foods, pork, rich soups, goose, duck, salmon, cucumbers, cabbage, parsnips, carrots, turnips, ice water, cheese, all strong drink, and any article of food known to disagree with the stomach.

hee article on Diet on page 135, and Constipation on page 126. Also read carefully the article "'Renovating the System."

Dr. Kay's Renovator id sold by uruggists at 25 cents and $1, or six for $5; but if they do not have it when you call for it do not take any substitute which they may say is -'just as good," for it has no equal. Remember you can always get it of us by return mail by sending the above named price direct to us.

We send all orders for the Renovator tablets by mail, postage prepaid. All orders amounting to $5 or more which contain any of the liquid remedies, we send by freight and prepay the charges. For the benefit of those who live at a u istanee and who cannot get our liquid Renovator of their druggist, we have prepared it in tablet form so it can be sent by mail. We recommend that those who order by mail, from a distance, would describe their case carefully and leave to us to send which ever we think would be best. For instance, you might order one bottle of the liquid Dr. Kay's Renovator to be sent a long distance. The liquid cannot be sent by mail and the express charges on one bottle is sometimes fifty cents or moi e. We cannot afford to pay this charge on so small an amount, but if it was for $5 or more, then we send it by freight and prepay the charges to any part of the United States. In oases where only one dollar's worth is wanted it is usually just as wellRECIPE FOR PATENT HONEY.

Take 5 pour.ds of loaf sugar and 2 pounds of water; gradually bring to boil, skimming well. When cold, add 1 pound of noney and 4 ozs. of rose water

to send the small size, or the large size, tablet form, which we can send by mail and ttieu it makes no extra charges for you and You get it direct from us just as cheap as you would at home from your own druggist.

Let us, once more, give you a word of caution. Some druggists buy "ready-made" goods, labeled anyway to suit. They sell them to unsuspecting people who have not learned all the "tricks of the trade," in place of our goods every time they can. They do it because they make more money on them. When you buy cheap medicines to save money, you get cheated every time. The best things always cost most. "The best is none too good." You will find, when you come to foot up the difference in curative effects, that our remedies will not only cure thousands of cases that "ready maJe" medicines will not even effect in the least, but you will find they are also much cheaper in the end. It is an imposition upon any person lor druggists to try and sell them a worthless substitute for a well known remedy of great merit. They only do it when they think you are not posted, and don't know the difference. If they do not have our medicines, you should simply refuse to accept anything in their place, and write direct to us immediately, enclosing the price of what ever you may want and we will deliver it to you by return mail, just as cheap as you could get it of your druggist. All we have said of the great merits of our goods will be verified by the well-known clergymen and other prominent people, whose excellent testimonials will be found in the back part of this book. .No such proof of value is ever furnished by druggists who sell the "ready made'' cheap btuff offered as a substitute. Thousands, whose words cannot be doubted, will testify to the truth of all we say of our remedies.

We are willing to give any special advice needed, at any time, free of charge. In writing for advice be sure to give all your symptoms plainly. Address Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

EPILEPSY. (Falling Sickness.) The attacks are sudden, loss

of consciousness, spasms of the muscles, followed by drowsiness and exhaustion. It usually arises from excessive nervous irritation induced by disturbance of the stomach or bowels from the presence of worms, indigestible food, etc.; or it may arise occasionally from a hereditary predisposition, uterine irritation or other causes of nervous irritability.

Treatment. To prevent the patient from being injured by the vio lent muscular exertion, he should be placed on a bed, and any of the clothing which is too tight, especially the neck-tie, collar, etc., should be removed so as not to cause any constriction. To effect a cure the treatment should be persevered in during the intervals between the fits. The Dr. Kay's Renovator should be given as directed for Dyspepsia and Constipation to overcome these troubles. The patient should be particular not to overload the stomach. The Renovator should be taken a sufficient length of time to cure the dyspepsia or constipation. Tobacco, al coholic stimulants, excessive venery, or, in fact, any selfabuse, which is in direct contradiction to the laws of health, should be RECIPE FOR BED BUG POISON.

Take corrosive sublimate, 1 drachm, sal ammoniac, 2 drachms; water, 4 ounces; alcohol, 4 ozs. Mix and shake well together and apply to crevices with a feather.

strictly avoided. The patient should never eat just before retiring for the night and should never eat between meals. Bromide of Potassium has long been relied upon as one of the best drugs in overcoming this disease; however, without the observance of the rules we have given above, this, or any other drug, would be of little or no use.

The Bromide of Potassium should be given to an adult in doses of twenty grains from two to four times a day, and, if necessary, increase to thirty or even forty grains for a short time, when it may be left off for a few days, and then resumed in doses of twenty grains. For younger persons the dose should be proportionately smaller. If any symptoms of rheumatism or kidney disease should be present give Dr. Kay's Kidneycura should be taken as recommended for rheumatism in place of the Renovator, and when this trouble has been removed then the Renovator may be resumed. The largest dose of Bromide of Potassium taken during the da.v should be taken at bed-time. This treatment should be continued for a long time, as but few cases are cured in a

short time. The Renovator or Kidneycura will not interfere with taking the Bromide of Potassium and should be taken half an hour before meals and the Bromide half an hour after and at bed-time.

ERYSIPELAS. (St. Anthony's Fire.) This is characterized by redness or an inflammation of some part of the skin, and in some cases the subcutaneous tissue. The disease is caused by a particular poison or germ. The affected part is of a deep red color, hot, swollen and painful with a tendency for the inflammation to spread. It frequently begins with redness and swelling on one side of the nose, which spreads over the rest of the face. If the finger is pressed down upon the inflamed surface for a moment and then removed quickly it will leave the skin white where the pressure was but the blood will quickly return to the surface and it will look red as before.

Treatment. The patient should be confined to the bed and the apartment well ventilated and the diet light. Do not apply cold If the bowels are constipated.


Get 2 quarts of fresh olive oil and take 4 to 6 tablespoonfuls every two hours so as to get one pint or more in twenty-four hours and f( How this up until it has moved the towels thoroughly. If used freely it will cause gall stones, if present, to pass away without pain and if followed up as directed under heading of Jaundice, a permanent cure will be effected.

Kay's Renovator tablets, beginning with two tablets half an hour before each meal, and if the bowels are not moved freely on the second day, increase the dose. (See Constipation.) After the bowels have moved freely, the Renovator may be stopped and twenty to thirty drops (if the patient is an adult) of Muriated Tincture of Iron be given in half a glass of water every two to four hours according to the severity of the case. This should be continued for a few days until the inflammation begins to subside. The tincture of iron should be taken in capsules or tlirough a straw or glass tube to prevent it getting on the teeth. The inflamed surface should be surrounded by painting it with tincture of iodine. Pains should be taken to extend the iodine onto the sound skin, not affected, which will have a tendency to prevent it spreading. When the inflarnmati' n and fever have subsided the iron may be left off and the Dr. Kay's Renovator begun again, taking a dose half an hour before each meal and increasing each day until it loosens the bowels a very little and then continue it at th is dose until the system is thoroughly renovated and the blood purified and enriched, so that the patient may be toned up and invigorated and placed in a condition to avert a second attack. For children or delicate females give a proportionately smaller dose. This treatment should be persevered in (See article on Renovating the System.)

FACIAL PARALYSIS. This maybe caused by softening of the facial nerve, or from inflammation, hemorrhage, pressure of a tumor or exposure to cold. The muscles of one side of the face are paralyzed. The face is distorted and the patient has no control over the muscles on that side of the face. The illustration represents the appearance of a person whose face is paralyzed on the left side, allowing the face to drop on that side and an effort to close the eyes only affects the right eye.

Treatment. When the result of cold, which is nearly always the case, give a dounle dose of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm hall-way between meals and at bed-time. Give Dr. Kay's Renovator half an hour before each meal and increase the dose until it causes one or two free movements of une bowels each day and continue this until the cure is complete. (Read carefully the article on Renovating the Sy=tc... I


Take 1 ounce oil peppermint, and 1 pint of strongest 95 per cent alcohol. Mix.

Dose, 10 to 30 drops.

FAINTING, (Syncope.) A state of suspended animation, due to sudden failure of the aeiion of the heart. It may be caused by a diseased heart, by tight clothing, excessive heat or the heart's action may be interfered with by nervous excitement, etc. Fainting may be a very .serious matter many times; but if in consequence of a very excitable nervous system which is depressed by some passing emotional disturbance, or by impurity of the atmosphere, the attack maybe considered free from danger, although liable to recur.

Treatment. In the treatment of fainting, 1 he cause if known, should be removed and the heart's action restored. Lay the patient flat ou his back; throw open the windows and doors to purify the air and do not aUow people tc crowd around the patient. Loosen the dress about the neck and chest and abdomen. Brandy or other alcoholic stimulants may be given in moderate amoun s in a little water. Carbonate of Ammonia (smelling salts) are valuable when held near the nostrils so as to al'ow the patient to inhale the fumes.

Rub the limbs thoroughly. Do not allow the patient to sit up erect too soon or undergo much exertion until thoroughly rested. A physician should be consulted and the patient carefully examined and such treatment adopted as will remi ve the cause if possible. If caused by dyspepsia, see page 141; if by constipation, see page 126.


Those who are inclined to become too stout will find some d irections as how best to reduce their flesh by reading the article on Diet. It is always unsafe to undertake to reduce one's weight by medication; but by regulating the diet it may be done in many cases without injury to the general health.


Besides sharing in all the diseases common to humanity, the female is subject to certain ailments which the male is not. Among these are leucorrhcea or whites, prolapsus or falling of the womb, menorrhagia or profuse menstruation, dysmenorrhoea, difficult or painful menstruation, amehorrhcea, absence or suppression of menstruat'on. In the short space which we have in this book it would be impossible for us t . do justice to these important affections and, therefore, we will not attempt to do so, but will give in a brief and general way, some important directions for the treatment of these troubles. In many of these affections the patient is afflicted with dyspepsia or constipation in which case the treatment should be as directed under those he idimjs. See pages 120 and 141. If there is great loss of flesh and strength the patient stiouid be very particular to have a good, nourishing diet in which should enter plenty of good, fresh, sweetcream, fresh eggs, beefsteak, etc. (See article on Diet, page 135.) The Dr. Kay's Renovator should be taken for a long time to renovate the system and purify and enrich the blood. If constipation exists the doses should be increased each day until it produces one or .two evacuations daily. General exercise in the open air is very useful and all the laws of health should be observed as closely as possible. In excessive menstruation the Dr. Kay's Renovator should be taken half an hour before each meal and continued for a long time until the system is thoroughly cleaned


Take Yt ounce potaRh or concentrated lye and allow it to stand In the open air until it absorbs enough moisture from the air to become liquid. Add enough powdered stai ch to thicken it a little so it will n t spread onto the sound skin. Pare off the dead skin of the corn or se:ds of the wart, and apply a little of the paste and wash ofl in eight minutes and apply vinegar. Do not squeeze. Apply again in a week if necessary.

oughly renovated and invigorated and the blood purified. Two hours alter each meal take from ten to twenty-five drops of the Muriated Tincture of Iron. This should be taken in capsules or in about a quarter of a glass of water through a straw or glass tube to prevent injury to the teeth. The dose m;iy be varied according to the severity of the case. If the patient is pale this should be continued for several weeks in doses just large enough to check the flow until it is as nearly natural as possible. The iron should betaken during the period and the Renovator during the interval and should be continued as long as seems necessary. In all female diseases the Dr. Kay's Renovator will be found to be the best remedy known for internal use, if taken for a sufficient length of time, until the system is thoroughly renovated and invigorated and the blood purified and enriched.

In all these cases great benefit results from the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator in curing any symptoms of indigestion or constipation, and it should be persevered with to cure completely all symptoms that may remain of either of these diseases. There are also many other symptoms which are more speedily cured by the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator than by any other treatment, and you should read carefully the article on Renovating the System and also consult this book freely for treatment of any other symptoms or diseases which may be present.

Dr. Kay's Uterine Tonic is used locally and we have good reason for believing that it is the best remedy of this kind in use. It is especially valuable in the treatment of female diseases as it is prepared expressly for the treatment of these cases and is giving excellent satisfaction. If your druggist does not have it, do not take any substitute said to be "just as gooil," for it positively has no equal; but send $1.00 to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. and we wi':l send a box by return mail. "We publish a special pamphlet on "Womanhood," which treats female diseases. It will be sent to ladies on receipt of a stamp for postage, with name and postoffice address plainly written.

GERMS. (Bacteria.) In these days we hear a great deal about germs, and it is nut all i"le talk; for the science of the laboratory and the use of the microscope have demonstrated the fact that nearly all diseases are caused by a specific germ. In most cases it is a specific vegetable micro-organism of only about one-ten-thousandth part of an inch in length. These multiply rapidly in the system if not in some way removed. A vast amount of research and labor has been expended in the effort to find some remedy which was a specific for all germ diseases and it. has been ascertained that Dr. Kay's Renovator is the best remedy yet discovered for this purpose. While it is perfectly safe and pleasant to take yet it accomplishes this purpose »s no other remedy does which has yet been discovered. It renovates the whole system and removes the germs and thus purifies the blood, then its action is toRECIPE FOR PAIN KILLER.

Take H ounce of gum guaiac, H ounce of gum myrrh, M ounce of gum camphor, H ounce of powdered opium, X ounce cayenne pepper and !4 ounce Jamaica ginger Put all into one pint of alcohol and let it stand ten days, and filter. For external use. A few drops can be taken internally in water.

enrich the blood and invigorate the whole system and the patient is built up rapidly as soon as this has been accomplished. See articles on "Renovating the System" and "Lung Diseases."


The glands about the neck and those about the base and angle of the lower jaw are perhaps more frequently affected than any others. (See accompanying illustration.) The cause is a scrofulous diathesis. If the swelling increases and there is a tendency to suppuration, the system will suffer considerably. The patient, already weakened, becomes irritable and restless. Tho appetite is liable to be poor and the bowels constipated.

Treatment. The whole glandular system is usually disordered and the blood impure. The treatment should be such as to purify and enrich the blood and to thoroughly renovate the entire glandular system. This is best accomplished by the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator. You should add to each bottle of tue liquid Renovator, one-fourth ounce of Iodide of Potassium, and take half a tablespoonful three times a day half an hour before each meal. If this does not cause one or two movements of the bowels each day, take one or more of the Renovator tablets at bed-time and increase until it has a laxative effect, and continue this until the system has been thoroughly renovated and the.blood purified and enriched and all enlargements removed. Read carefully the article on "Renovating the system."

When you call for Dr. Kay's Renovator at any drug store, if they do not have it do not take any substitute which they may say is "just as good," for it positively has no equal. Remember you can always get it by return mail by sending the -nrice direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co. Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Prices are, small size tablets, send by mail, postage prepaid, 25 cts., the large size $1.00 or six for $5.00. The large size liquid cannot be sent by mail, but on all $5.00 orders we sent it by freight, charges prepaid, to any part of the country. For orders amounting to $5.00 or more you can have it assorted, it you prefer, at the same rate.

GOITRE. (Bronchocele, Swelled Neck.) This is a morbid enlargement of the thyroid gland as shown in the accompanying illustration. It may be soft or firm or very hard. The whole gland may be swollen, or the center only or either side. It is not dangerous, but is quite troublesome and unsightly. It is rarely painful. Treatment. Get at a drug store one-fourth ounce of Iodide of Potash


Take a pound of ivory black, 154 pints of vinegar, 1 tablespoonful of sweet oil and two tablespoonfuls of molasses; stir well together and put into one bottle of Dr. Kay's Renovator, liquid form, and take half a tablespoonful twenty or thirty minutes before each meal. If this does not cause any looseness of the bowels take one or more of the Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets at bed time, or a sufficient number to cause at least one free evacuation of the bowels each day. Get 2 ozs. of Tincture of Iodine at a urug store and paint this over the entire enlargement each night.

This cannot be cured in a short time, but if you will persevere with the above treatment it will be sure to remove it. Read carefully the article on "Renovating the System." If your druggist does not have the Dr. Kay's Renovator, you can always get it by sending the price direct to us; 25 cts. for small tablets and

$1.00 for liquid or six for $5.00. We prepay freight on $5.00 orders. Tablets sent by mail.

GOUT A constitutional disease depending upon an excess of uric
acid in the blood. It may be inherited and is usually acquired by excessive use of animalfood or malt, liquors, etc. It is an affection where the patient poisons himself, so to speak, by taking more into the system than the eliminating organs can possibly take care of, and as this poisonous matter has to go somewhere, it invariably settles in the joints, usually in the joint of the great toe first and then, unless the habits become changed or treatment is taken, it will spread to the other joints, perhaps on the hand or knee.

Treatment. This is a very painful affection and one of the most difficult to cure completely, but the Kidneycura is without doubt the best remedy yet discovered for the mala ;y. In order to effect a cure it is necessary that the treatment should be persevered in for a long time. With many the only attempt madu is to give temporary relief during the attack. In our treatment, wh n Kidneycura is continued for a long time, the effect is to produce a permanent cure. Begin by taking one half an hour before each meal and increase the dose half a tablet aach nay until it causes free evacuations of the bowels, and this should be persevered in until the system is thoroughly cleansed and the blood purified and the disease removed. It is very important that the diet should be restricted and composed chiefly of vegetables and fruits, excepting tomatoes and strawberries. Fresh meat should not be eaten at all and ordinarily it is best to adopt a vegetable diet. Oysters, fish and soups may be used in moderation. Avoid all malt liquors, tea and coffee, and milk, from which the cream has been skimmed, should be used instead. Avoid meat, eggs, pastry, hot bread and cakes, sweet-meats, spices, etc. Regular exercise in the open air should be persevered in and a long walk taken each day. If the disease does not improve materially after taking from one to three boxes of the Kidneycura, then take one sweat each day as recommended for chronic rheumatism, which you should see. Wear flannel underclothing and, if possible, live in a warm climate during the winter. This treatment is the surest to effect a permanent cure of any known and should be persevered in thoroughly. See articles on "Rheumatism" and "Kidney Diseases."


A Shows where gout is usually located. B Shows where the disease usually locates next.

Take 1 ounce of best Prussian blue, 2 ounce oxalic acid, one quart rain water; diffuse. A teaspoonful is enough for a big washing. It is poison, be careful.

GRAVEL. The deposit and escape of sand or gritty particles with urine. The symptoms and causes are nearly the same as those of indigestion. This affection occurs more frequently in people of indolent habits where too much food and drink are consumed, especially of sweet, starchy foods and alcoholic or fermented liquors. The form of gravel most frequently met with is the lithic acid form, which is insoluble and is noticed in the bottom of the vessel, resembling very closely cayenne pepper. There is a dull pain over the kidneys which is increased on moving, a frequent desire to urinate and a sense of heat and irritation along the urinary tract, especially during the passing of urine. Mucous may be passed with the urine and it may also be slightly tinged with blood or have a smoky appearance.

Treatment. Restrict the diet as to quality and quantity. Avoid all highly seasoned, rich or sweet dishes. Meat may be eaten in moderation. Take a sufficient amount of exercise in i he fresh air and plenty pure water (filtered water is preferable). Internally take Kidneycura beginning with one tablet half an hour before each meal and increasing one-half a tablet each day until it produces one or two evacuations a day. This should be continued until the system is thoroughly renovated and the blood purified. The Dr. Kay's Renovator, large size, works admirably in many cases, but the Kidneycura is the most reliable remedy known and should be persevered with until a permanent cure is effected. See article on "Kidney Diseases."

HAY FEVER. iHay Asthma, Autumnal Catarrh, Rose Fever, Rose Cold.) This disease occurs most frequent in August. The

symptoms are irritation of the eyes, running at the nose with sneezing a clear, watery nasal discharge, rapidly extending to the larynx and bronchial tubes, when there is a hoarse, croupy and wheezing cough and difficulty in breathing.

Take equal parts of boiled Unseed oil, turpentine and strong vinegar; mix. Apply with a piece of cotton flannel and rub dry.

Treatment. The best remedy is Dr. Kay's Lung Bairn. Take an ordinary dose every half hour until five or six doses have been taken if not relieved before and then give one dose every two or three hours to quiet all cough and irritation. After it has been broken up by the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, then it is advisable to take a course of the Dr. Kay's Renovator which will renovate and invigorate the whole system and give new life and vigor to the whole body. It is sold by nearly all druggists for 10 and 25 cents, but if they do not have it don't take any substitute said to be "just as good," for it has no equal. You can always get it from us by return mail on receipt of price. Address Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

HEADACHE is a symptom which occurs under various circumstances. The causes are very numerous and while our space is not sufficient here to give all the causes of headache, yet we would refer the patient to different diseases, which we treat in this pamphlet, which may be the cause of heauache, such h,s constipation, dyspepsia, etc. The Dr. Kay's Renovator is the most effectual remedy in use in effecting a permanent cure. For full directions how to take it read the article on "Constipation," page 126, and on "Dyspepsia," page 141. See testimonials of the many cures effected by the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator. We wish to emphasize the fact that the Renovator is easy to take and never disagrees with the most delicate stomach.

HEARTBURN, (A*on'c Dyspepsia). See symptoms and treatment under heading "D\spepsia" on p ge 141.

HOARSENESS. An aflection of the vocal cords of the larynx,

caused by overuse of the voice, as in talking, speaking, singing, catarrh, etc. It may also come on as the result of cold, consumption, bronchitis and other lung affections, which see for treatment. The Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is the best remedy known for hoarseness. Other treatment may be necessary, according to whatever symptoms may be present. See treatment for other diseases which may be present. The Lung Balm has no equal as a remedy for all throat as well as lung diseases. It does not. like many medicines, have a bad effect on the stomach, but is agreeable as well as effective. We believe there is no remedj that equals Dr. Kay's Lung Ba!m in all cases of hoarseness.

During the past winter the engineer at one of the large hotels in Omaha was compelled to stand in water and repair pipes that had burst during one of the coldest nights. He took such a severe cold that the following day he could not speak above a whisper. A friend gave him six of the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm tablets and requested him to take them. For some reason he chewed up the whole six tablets and swallow ed them at once. When seen by the friend after a few days he stated that in half an hour after taking the Lung Balm he could apeak as clearly as he ever could and all hoarseness and soreness of the throat and lungs had disappeared and never returned, and that without any farther treatment and without any bad effects from the medicine what ever. Many similar cases have been reported to us where hard colds, la grippe, attacks of pneumonia, or lung fever and bronchitis have been treated by giving large doses of Lung Balm right at the beginning of the attack and cured immediately. One of these cases was pneumonia that had been treated by the family physician for two days and grew constantly worse when a friend advised her to take a dose of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm every half hour until relieved. She stopped all other treatment and took only Dr. Kay's Lung Balm as requested. The following day she was much better; the 3econd day she sat up in bed, and the third day she was up and dressed. Another similar case was a very bad attack of la grippe that had been treated by the family doctor for a few days, but in spite of all he could do, grew worse rapidly until friends gave up hope of her recovery, and on the advice of a friend they stopped the doctor's medicine to give the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm a trial for a few hours. They gave a regular sized dose every half hour until six or eight tablets had been taken, and in a few hours she was so much improved they continued its use and the following day none of the bad symptoms were left. She soon gained strength and was out in a few clays completely cured. We could fill volumes with such reports but space will not admit of it here. See article on''Lung Diseases." It is sold by druggists for 10 cents and 25 cents. If they do not have it don't take any substitute said to be "just as good," for it has no equal. You can always get it by return mail by sending the price direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.


Take 1 pint strongest alcohol 1 ounce each of oil hemlock, turpentine, tincture cayenne, tincture of opium, gum camphor, oil origanum Mix.

HOOPING COUGH. A contagious disease, which occurs but once in the same person. There is symptoms of cold, slight fever and the cough is peculiar. It occurs at uncertain intervals.

Treatment. In all cases the only medicine necessary is the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, in sufficient quantities to ease the cough. The patient should dress in flannels and should keep indoors. After the cough has stopped and the patient seems to be recovering, if the recovery is slow, take Dr. Kay's Renovator, beginning with a moderate dose and if this should not loosen the bowels at all, increase it until it does have this effect, giving, if necessary, four to six times the ordinary dose. The Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is the best remedy known for the cough as well as for all lung and throat diseases. Read article on "Lung Diseases."

IMPURE BLOOD. This may cause many diseases and derangements of the body. In many cases where the blood is impure there will be eruptions of the skin, blotches, etc.

Treatment. Many cases of this kind will be noticed under different headings in this book. Every case of impure blood can be best treated by the Dr. Kay's Renovator. This should be taken for a long time or until the system is thoroughly renovated and the blood purified. If, in connection with impurity of blood, it is found that other diseases are present, treat as we have directed under their proper headings. The Renovator not only purifies the blood, but it enriches the blood andRECIPE FOR CONDITION POWDERS FOR HORSES.

Take H pound of each (all powdered), fenugreek sulphur, gentian, cream of tartar, elecampane, saltpetre, ginger, liquorice, and 2 ounces of resin and 2 ounces off black antimony; mix thoioughlv. Dose: one tablespoonful mixed in the feed.

invigorates the whole system. See article on "Renovating the System.,: Also see "Diseases of the Blood" on page 137. To have pure? blood you must have perfect digestion. You should read carefully the: article on "Dyspepsia" on page 141.

INDIGESTION. (See symptoms and treatment for "Dyspepsia" on page 141.)

| N FLU ENZA. Thxs is an epidemic disease and is caused oy a specific germ, together with a peculiar condition or contamination of the atmosphere. This poisonous influence spreads rapidly over the country and affects many children and adults at the same time. It rarely affects any section more than five to eight weeks. It runs a favorable course in most epidemics, when not complicated, terminating in recovery in from four to eight days. The chief symptoms are heat and dryness of the skin, headache, running from the nose, sneezing, tenderness of the throat, hoarseness and a troublesome cough; shortness of breath, pains in the back ami limbs, and disordered stomach. Bronchitis or pneumonia sometimes sets in and makes it a much more serious disease.

Treatment. In most cases the only treatment necessary is the use of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, which is the best lung and throat medicine known. It is always effectual and never disagrees with the stomach, like most cough medicines in use. The patient should be kept in bed in a well ventilated room, the temperature being kept at about 75 degrees,, Fahrenheit. Care should be taken not to allow any unnecessary exposure to cold. In severe cases apply mustard paste to the chest and increase the dose of the Lung Balm in case the cough should be troublesome. If there should be great prostration give the Dr. Kay's Renovator and nourish and tone trio patient up by giving this for a sufficiently long time, until all signs of the disease have disappeared.

INSOMNIA, or Wakefulness. This condition exists under various circumstances. It may be complete when patients get no sleep night after night, as in acute mania, delerium tremens, and in those suffering very severe pain, or those under the influence of profound grief or mental anxiety. Or it m;iy be partial insomnia in which the patient may lie awake for hours before they can get to sleep at all, and then it may be more or less sound for the remainder of the night. Others drop off to sleep easily and wake up in a little time and are unable to go to sleep again during the night. In many of these cases the patient is quite liable to lie awake in a state of mental depression, or may be tortured by gloomy or horrible forebodings, and very nervous.

Treatment. In many cases it is very difficult to overcome it, and the physician seems unable to give any relief. There have been man; remedies given by physicians with the view of quieting the nervous system so that the patient could go to sleep and rest quietly. Although physicians have been experimenting for years to get a medicine or a combination of medicines that would not only produce sleep but would RECIPE FOR SWEENEY IN HORSES.

Take equal parts of compound soap liniment, tincture of cantharides, and aqua ammonia; mix. Apply once or twice a day.

be harmless as well, yet few have f ucceeded.

The most successful treatment in effecting a permanent cure is to build up the nervous system. This can be accomplished best by rest, a change in the avocation and a complete renos ating of the system as advised under the heading in this book, ".Renovating the System,'' which you should read carefully.

In most of these cases there is a derangement of the glandular system which has resulted in undermining, so to speak, the nervous system; so that overwork or worry will soon result in insomnia or wakefulness. Rest from mental work or worry. Have some light work which is pleasant and agreeable that will take the mind entirely off of any work or thought which is continually on the mind, and follow out the directions carefully which are given under the heading "Renovating the System."

If there is any cough or irritation of the lungs or throat take the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm just before retiring as it will quiet the cough and the nervousness. See "Lung Diseases."

No person who is troubled with wakefulness should sleep with another person. There are electrical changes going on in the system during the night which are liable to work destructive results if a person who is inclined to be wakeful sleeps with another person who is not so inclined. In the person who is wakeful there is lack of magnetic or ntrvous force, and if he or she sleeps with a persoo who is inclined to absorb the magnetism or nerve force, the latter will sleep soundly all night and arise refreshed in the morning while the former will toss restlessly and in the morning will be fretful, faint-hearted, peevish and discouraged. In fact, as a rule no two persens should sleep togeth , er habitually, for the one will thrive while the other will lose. No child should, under any circumstances, be allowed to sleep with an old person.

Careful attention should be given to the general health. If indigestion should be present read carefully the article on "Dyspepsia" on page 41; if constipated read the article on '.Constipation, on page 126 of this book.

JAUNDICE. A yellowness of the skin and white of the eyes and of the tissues and secretions generally. The bile ducts becoming obstructed the bile is absorbed into the blood. It is caused by diseases of the liver, obstructing the free passage of bile in the intestines.

Treatment. For the constipation which is usually present take Dr. Kay's Renovator, small size tablets, in doses large enough to cause two or three movements of the bowels each day. See article on constipation on page 126. If caused by the presence of gall stones the olive oil as recommended in recipe on page 153, and after it has moved the bowels thoroughly, begin the use of the small size Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets again and persevere and a cure will be the result. Avoid fatty articles of food and eat such food as will be easily digested. See article, on "Renovating the System."


Take 1 drachm carbolic acid, H ounce boric acid, 8 ounces glycerine, 4 ounces of water; mix. Wash with warm water and castile soap and dry with a c oth and apply the mixture. Keep the hcrse out of the mud as much as possible, and do not wash too often.


As their delicate structure are not usually people who treat kidney diseases aggravate the disease instead of relieve it. This i s because of la ck of knowledge of the delicate structure. We give the accompanying cuts for the purpose of showing to our readers the structure of the kidneys. By these illustrations it will be noticed that the kidneys are entirely unlike any other organ in the body. No solid substance is to find its exit from the body by the kidneys, excepting in a diseased condition, particles of gravel are often formed and passed on to the bladder. The kidneys strain or filter from the blood the most poisonous substances that are excreted. When they become diseased the delicate structure be- comes congested or inflamed. The effect of any inflamed surface is to
cause a swelling and thickening which at once causes partial or total suspension of its natural action. By examining the illustrations closely you will readily see how the swelling of the delicate excretory organs would at once stop the natural flow through the kidneys and throw all of these poisons back into the blood.
This will poison the system slowly

The peculiar offices of the kidneys as well understood, and so many times the great mistake made by most people in treating these diseases is that they give remedies to increase the action of the kidneys, which are already over-burdened, and by so doing they only add to the trouble. It would be as sensible to add fuel to the fire you were trying to extinguish.

The great success which has been attained by the use of our treatment is largely because of the fact that it acts on the bowels and eliminates the poisons through this channel. Thus it rests the over-burdened kidneys and at the same time it contains medicines which are a direct tonic and alterative for the kidneys. It tones up and soothes these important organs and restores them to a natural, healthy condition.

It is claimed ty many physicians that diseased kidneys are the cause RECIPE FOR HEAVES IN HORSES.

Take 1 ounce powdered assafoetida and % an ounce of powdered gum camphor. Mix, and divide into 4 powders and give 1 every other night for a week.

Another. Give 1 teaspoonful of oil of tar every night or every Pour it on the tongue and then give ihe grain.

of a very large share of the suffering of the human race. The following symptoms indicate a diseased condition of the kidneys: Pain in the small of the back; unusual large flow of urine, especially at night, or a Bcanty supply. When the quantity of urine is large it is light colored; not when the quantity is small it is thick and heavy and usually leaves a brick-dust sediment in the bottom of the vessel after standing a few hours; irritation of the bladder with a desire to urinate frequently. The urine may be milky or stringy, or it may look red or bloody and stain the linen. Specks floating before the eyes and twitching of the eyelids; sickness of the stomach; indigestion or dyspepsia, constipation, flatulency, colic, headache, mouth dry, with bad taste, especially in the morning. Frequently there is biliousness and deranged liver; poor circulation of the blood, weakened heart action; irritability, nervousness and weakness. Dropsical swelling of the feet and ankles which may extend to other parts of the body.

If the kidneys are in a healthy condition

they eliminate uric acid from the blood, which is one of the worst poisons to be eliminated from the system. When so diseased that the uric acid is not separated from the blood, it poisons this life-giving fluid and the result is the patient has rheumatism, neuralgia and sciatica.

Whenever you notice any sediment or settling in the urine you may know there is diseased action going on in the kidneys which should be treated at once and not allowed to continue until the kidneys are badly diseased. Remember "a stitch in time saves nine."

You should occasionally, especially when sick, test your urine by placing a quantity in a bottle and allowing it to stand ten or fifteen hours. If you find a sediment settled at the bottom you should at once take the Kidneycura as directed below.

The heart pumps the blood and forces it all through the system, but the kidneys have quite a different office, although it is scarcely less important and much more liable to become diseased.

The work of the kidneys is to keep the blood pure by filtering it, what is known as Malpighian Bodies they are, so to speak, small filters, through which the blood passes and the poisons are separated and pass off in the urine. They are very numerous. As they are only about one-two-hundredth part of an inch in diameter, it is easy to understand bow congestion or inflammation will whole or partially interfere with their functions and throw the poisons back into the blood.


For rheumatism, sprains, swellings, etc. Take 1 pound fresh butter, Y2 ounce tincture of iodine, 8 ounces oil origanum; mix. Apply every night and rub in well with the hand.

separating the impurities and excreting them and throwing them out of the system. When they are in a healthy condition they do this and then a person feels well and is bright and cheerful. As quick as the kidneys are diseased they are unable to do this and then a person gets

There are many causes of weak or diseased kidneys. Lifting era strain, mental or physical overwork, colds high living, excesses, etc. Kidney trouble should be cured as early as possible, for if allowed to run it may develop into Bright's Disease. See page 114.

In taking the Dr. Kay's Kidneycura the best results are usually obtained by beginning with one tablet half an hour before each meal increasing or decreasing each day until you get the proper dose, for your case, which will produce one or two evacuations of the bowels each day. In many cases it is well to take a sufficient amount to produce three evacuations a day for the first few days, and then, after the most severe symptoms have subsided somewhat, lessen the dose so as to have one or two movements each day. If necessary, to move the bowels, the dose can be increased to five or six tablets, or in some cases, when it acts to freely on the bowels, lessen the quantity to one-fourth or one-half of a tablet each dose.

In cases where the bowels are so much constipated that five or six tablets of the Kidneycura taken three times a day will not move the bowels, you should either treat the constipation as directed c l page 126, or take the Kidneycura before each meal and take the small size Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets at bed-time. This should be followed up until the constipation as well as the kidney trouble are both completely cured.

In congestion of the kidneys the symptoms are pain over the small of the back, frequent desire to urinate, urine scanty and high colored and sometimes bloody.

Dr. Kay's Kidneycura is without doubt the most valuable medicine known for all k,dney diseases and is also the most certain cure for rheumatism which has yet been discovered. If the directions are faithfully followed out, as we direct under the heading "Rheumatism, it will cure all cases if not past all hopes of recovery.

For kidney diseases this remedy acts like a tonic for these importantRECIPE FOR COLIC IN HORSES.

Take tincture of myrrh, 1 ounce; sniritsof camphor, 1 ounce; tincture of capsicum, % ounce; tincture of Jamaica ginger, 1 ounce; tincture of opium, (4 ounce; mix Dose: one to three tablespoonfuls in a pint cf milk, and repeat if ntcessary in half an hour.

organs, but does not, like most kidney medicines, stimulate thera to

very much increased secretion of urine, thereby overtaxing these diseased organs, which need rest. It acts on the bowels, eliminating the poisons by this method and thus allowing the kidneys rest as well as to have a direct tonic and soothing effect upon them.

Kidneycura is made of concentrated extracts and compressed by about 1,000 pounds pressure to make them small and concentrated so as to be put up in tablet form. It is very pleasant to the taste and easy to take and does not disagree with the most delicate stomach, and is perfect]j safe. In addition *?> this it has from two to four times as many doses as most liquid remedies selling for the same price, making it the cheapest as well as the very best remedy known. After taking it we would be very glad to have you write us about all your symptoms and just how the Kidneycura affected you, and if you need further directions they will be sent to you by our physician, free of all charge. We would be very glad to hear from all using it. Read the article carefully on "Bright's Disease," on page 114.

The price of Dr. Kay's Kidneycura is $1.00 or six for $5.00. It is sold by druggists, but if they do not have it when you call for it do not take any substitute which they may say is "just as good," for it certainly has no equal. Remember if they do not have it you can always get it by return mail, postage prepaid, by sending the above price direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga hprings, N. Y.

LA GRIPPE. This disease usually begins by chilliness followed by feverishness, accompanied by headache and perhaps pain and soreness in all parts of the body, a bad cough and running at the nose. In some cases the lung and throat affection is not serious although it is greatly aggravated by a sudden cold or prolonged exposure to cold and damin ness. Pneumonia and pleurisy are liable to be complicated with it i :?evere cases. There is no disease more deceptive than la grippe. Tht patient many times thinks it is only a slight cold and therefore takes but littlt precaution to avert danger. In many cases from carelessi/ess


Take 1 tablespoonful of the condition powders, recipe for which Is on page 61, and add to it % teaspoonful of ou of tar and mix in the feed three times a day.

or thoughtlessness the patient keeps about his usual duties and the result perhaps is that pneumonia or pleuKsy bocomes complicated with it. In others the patient seems to go through with it without any serious trouble, but is left with a chronic cough or other distressing symptoms which make the patient miserable for jeais, and in many of these cases where no treatment is taken the patient lingers, gradually growing worse until death ends the scene.

Treatment. There is no disease more neglected and yet there is no disease which needs more careful attention. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is a specific for this disease if taken early in sufficient quantities. It has given the most remarkable satisfaction of any remedy we have ever known of being used. Hundreds who have been left with a bad cough after having la grippe, and who had treated with different physicians and had taken all kinds of cough medicines without getting any help, hava been speedily and permanently cured by using Dr. Kay's Lung Balm and we are sincere in the belief that it has never had an equal in these cases. Bead some of the testimonials in the back part of this book?we have received many more like them.

To cure speedily take the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm early in

the disease and take a dose every half hour until you have taken five or jix doses if not relieved sooner, and then continue the regular sized dose every two or three hours or oftener if necessary to keep the cough quieted. The patient should remain indoors and keep warm for a few nays, or until all danger is passed and then guard against taking cold when you first go out.

If the bowels become constipated, as they are quite liable to do, take Dr. Kay's Renovator half an hour before each meal in doses large enough to produce one or two evacuations every day. While taking

No disease is more deceptive than la grippe. This is the principle reason why so ,.imy neglect It. In the months which follow, after one has had la grippe arid neglected to treat it pr: perly, te or she is very miserable continually. These cses can be cured. If you have a cough the treatment recommended for lung diseases on page 170 will always cure it if persevered in. If it has left you constipated read carefully the article on constipation on page 136, and persevere with it and you will be entirely cured.

If it has deranged your internal organs, read carefully the article on renovating the system and also dyspepsia on page 41 and follow the directions carefully If it has deranged your kidneys, read carefully the article on kidney diseases, page 63.

You need not suffer from the effects of la grippe as you have If you will follow the above advice it will cure you.

the Dr. Kay's Renovator take the Lung Balm half an hour after eating and between meals and at bed-time in doses large enough to quiet the cough.

On the start and while trying to get control of the disease it is better not to give the Renovator until the second day or later if not constiadted. To show the great value of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm in this disease, we report a case that has just come to our attention. A young lady who had been very sick with la grippe for several days and had been treated constantly by the family physician, grew steadily worse until the parents became very much alarmed and it was generally thought the patient would not recover. At this stage of the disease a neighbor beingvery much interested in the young lady's welfare, and having great faith in Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, visited the family and urged, them to give it a trial in the place of the doctor's medicine for a few hours at least. They gave the ordinary dose every half hour until six doses had been given when the patient was very much improved. They then gave a dose every one to three hours or just sufficient to keep the cough quiet, and the following day when the doctor came he was very much surprised to find his patient nearly well and able to sit up a little in bed. She continued taking the Lung Balm and in a few days was as well as ever. You can get the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm at drug stores, but if they do not have it when you call for it do not take any substitute which they may say is "justas good," for there is absolutely no remedy which is "just as good" as Dr. Kay's Lung Balm for alt lung and throat troubles. Prices, 25 cents for regular size; 10 cents for a nice tin box for vest pocket use which can be refilled from larger size box. Remember you can always get it by return mail, postage prepaid, by sending the price direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

Read the article under heading of

"Lung Diseases" on page 170.

LEAD POISONING. This occurs among people who have taken into the system a large quantity of lead. Lead may enter the system by drinking water which passes a long distance through lead pipes, or stands in vessels made of lead or containing lead. Such water is never safe to use for family use. It also occurs among persons who work in factories where lead paints are made, also painters, type-founders, plumbers, color-grinders, miners, etc.

The dropping of the wrists as shown in the accompanying illustration, shows the appearance of some who have been poisoned with lead. The symptoms vary in different cases. There is usually constipation, a blue line on the gums, and what is commonly known as "painter's colic," cramps in the legs, delirium, convulsions, headache, shrinking of the muscles of the hands, etc Treatment. Give, at once, two or three of the small size Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets, and continue giving these tablets half an hour before meal-time, three times a day and increase the dose, if necessary, until it produces two or three free movements of the bowels every day. Continue this for several days. After the bowels have been freely acted upon you should take a thorough course of the Dr. Kay's Renovator until the system has been thorougly renovated. Read carefully the articles "Renovating the System," and "Constipation." Take the Renovator before meals in doses large enough to insure one or two evacuations of the bowels each day, and after meals take the following: Iodide of potassium, i oz; water, 4 ozs. Mix and take one teaspoonful about half an hour after each meal. Continue the above until the cure is complete.

LIVER COMPLAINTS. In so short a treatise as this it would be impossible to notice fully all of the derangements and diseases of the liver, but we will endeavor to give as much information on this subject as possible in the brief space allotted.

The liver is liable to become congested, which frequently causes enlargement. There is a sense of oppression, furred tongue, low spirits, loss of appetite, impaired digestion and bitter taste in the mouth, sallow complexion, jaundice, pain in the head and a sense of weight and pain over the region of the liver.

The secretions of the liver may be excessive, deficient or unhealthy. In excessive secretions there will be copious stools of billious character, but when deficient they will be clay colored and usually small in quantity.

In acute inflammation of the liver the substance or the membrane investing the liver, may be affected, which causes sharp pain in the right side and shoulder or between the shoulder blades. Yellow or pale complexion, loss of appetite, depression of spirits, constipation and sense of uneasiness at the stomach, nausea, vomiting, short, dry cough, urine high colored, deposits a reddish sediment after standing awhile.

In chronic inflammation of the liver the trouble is of long standing. There is a pain and tenderness or fullness with a sense of weight, with a depression of spirits, sallowness of the skin, emaciation, etc. It may be due to a long residence in an unhealthy climate, intemperance or the result of acute inflammation. In some cases the skin, also the whites of the eyes, is of a yellow color, indigestion, tongue coated, flatuency, etc.

Treatment. Sick headache, which occurs in many cases of this disease, may be made worse by improper diet, which should be regulated and no articles of food taken which are known to disagree with the stomach. Such cases should avoid the use of spirituous liquors, tea or coffee, too rich food, melted butter, rich gravies, fat bacons, rich pastry, and other articles con

The above illustration shows the appearance of what is known as the "Hob-nailed Liver," and is found in spirit drinkers.

The best medicine that can be used is Dr. Kay's Renovator beginning with the small size and take one or two boxes of these and then take the large size until the system is thoroughly renovated and invigorated and the blood purified and enriched.

If constipation or dyspepsia should trouble the patient, treat as directed under those headings. If the Renovator is persevered with, it will cure all of these cases, if not neglected until there is no hope of recovery. See article "Renovating the System," also see testimonials in back part of this book. The Renovator is sold by druggists but if they do not have it when you ask for it, do not let them sell you something else which they may say is "just as good" for there is no remedy "just as good" for liver complaint. If they do not have it send the price direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.,

and we. will send it by return mail, postage prepaid. Price 25 cents and $1.00 or six for $5.00. You should read carefully the articles "Constipation" on page 126, and "Dyspepsia" on page 141.

LUMBAGO. This is a severe pain across the small of the back and is caused by rheumatism affecting the muscles about the loins For treatment see "Rheumatism."


For years I have been convinced that all the cough remedies in use were entirely too severe in their action upon the mucous membranes of the stomach as well as the lungs, a= they nearly all contain ipecac, tartar emetic, lobelia and tar. All of these drugs have an injurious effect upon the stomach and, in most instances, either have no beneficial effect upon the lungs or are a decided injury.

These remedies contain a few expectorants which have but very little if any healing and cleansing properties. Their chief and only aim seems to be to produce expectoration, which means a discharge, raised and thrown off by coughing and spitting. Such remedies exert a powerful influence upon the membranes, causing an unnatural aecretion of a great deal of mucous which is raised and thrown off when coughing. People who used these remedies supposed that this discharge was a part of a great accumulation of phlegm in the bronchial tubes and the medicine had loosened it up, when in fact, the medicine had really caused this great amount of mucus to flow and accumulate. While this, of course, eased the cough temporarily, it acted so powerfully on the mucous membranes and brought them into such severe activity that they were left weak and sensative, but the remedy did not reach the seat of the real disease.

Under favorable conditions, if there was enough vitality in the constitution, nature would assert herself and would heal the disersed, overtaxed and weakened membranes; but owing to the unfavorable effect of many of these remedies in addition to the effect of the disease, the patient does not always regain all of their former strength and vigor.

In health the mucus membranes are always slightly coated with mucous so as to prevent irritation, but when a cold is taken this mucus is dried up and the mucous membrane is dry and parched because of the inflammation that exists.

Feeling confident that the plan which has been so long in vogue and which we have described above was not only of no particular benefit to most of these cases but an absolute injury to many, we have given the subject a great deal of thought and study, coupled with careful experiments to discover a remedy or a combination of medicines which would have none of the objectionable features of the old system and yet would reach the very root of the disease, and which would soothe, cool and heal the drj, parched mucous membranes which line the air passages. Something that had absolute healing qualities so as not to leave it all for nature to do, and at the same time have a tonic effect which would restore them and give them strength and vigor iestead of the opposite effect so often produced by the ordinary remedies. The result was that after years of study and experimenting Dr. Kay's Lung Balm was discovered.

To be an ideal remedy for lung and throat troubles it must contain sufficient expectorant qualities to cause a very slight flow of mucus to moisten the membranes and bring them as near to their natural state as possible so as to stop the irritation which excites the coughing. The most essei-tial feature of a perfect lung and throat remedy is that it not only soothes and quiets the cough, but that it has real healing qualities.

Those who have seen sores upon the surface and have observed the effects of different remedies, know how some remedies will excite greater discharge and cause the sore to continue without any tendency to heal, while others will soothe it and cause it to take on a healthy look at once and heal in a short time. This is precisely the case with a sore place on the membranes of the lungs. While it is at once soothed and healed and the membranes strengthened by the proper use of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, yet by the use of all the cough remedies prepared on the plan which we have described above the cough is "loosened up" as they say, and although this eases the cough temporarily because i*" produces expectoration which m istcns the dry membranes, yet it only aggravates the sore spot and prolongs the cough in many instances.

(gTDo not expect Dr. Kay's Lung Balm to cause as much phlegm to be raised as is caused by many other cough remedies, because Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is intended to produce a natural flow only.

We have no hesitency in saying that there never has been a remedy that would cure so large a per cent of the very worst cases of lung and throat disease, which physicians and all other cough remedies had failsd to help, as the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. We say this because we thoroughly believe it, and as a proof of this statement we print in the back part of this book, a few of the many testimonials which we have received, of cases which were cured by Dr. Kay's Lung Balm after having tried numerous physicians as well as manv leading patent medicines.

Many of the persons who have been cured by Dr. Kay's Lung Balm had coughed for years and tried everything that offered any hope. The many cures affected by the use of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm have been truly marvelous, and a great surprise to many of the best physicians who have observed its magic effect in speedily curing so many cases which they themselves had been utterly unable to benefit.

Dr. Kay's Lung Balm does not contain any ipecac, tartar emetic or lobelia. Those medicines are put into cough remedies for the purpose of causing sickness at the stomach and produce perspiration or cause vomiting. If that is what you want get your ipecac at a drug store and use it alone, but don't mix it with your cough medicine.

While Dr. Kay's Lung Balm eannot be called a homeopathic remedy, yet it will not injure the stomach any more than any homeopathic remedy, and is much more effectual than anything ever produced by either homeopathic or alopathic systems. As we have already stated, it is the natural outgrowth of experimenting for years to get something which would be more effectual than either and yet without the great objection, so truthfully made, to the disagreeable alopathic doses so often offered the public.

To some people nothing is pleasant or palatable. Of course to be effectual there must be some taste, and while the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is the most effectual of any cough medicine known, it does not have an unpleasant taste to most people and will not injure the stomach of any.

Many people spend thousands of dollars and travel hundreds of miles to breathe the balmy atmosphere of a pine forest, but when they have been to all that trouble and expense it is impossible for them to derive half the benefit from the influence of the pine that they would from the use of Dr. Kay'« Lung Balm, for it contains the best and most active portion of the pine and yet all the impurities are eliminated.

In addition to the best and purest product of the pine the Lung' Balm has several other ingredients which an extensive medical experience in the hospitals of Europe as well as America has proved to be the best medicine known to medical authorities on both continents, for lung and throat diseases.

A trial of this truly wonderful medicine will at once convince every person using it that it is all and even more than we claim for it. There is no medicine that has yet been discovered that has virtues deserving to be compared with the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm for bad cases of chronic bronchitis or consumption or any cough. This happy combination produces the very best of results as a trial will prove to anyone.

When you call for Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, do not let the druggist sell you something else which he says is''just as good." Druggists sometimes do this, because they can make more money on some cheaper and, perhaps worthless article or because they may not have our remedy in stock. Remember that if you cannot get it. of your druggist, you can always get it direct from us by return mail, postage prepaid, at the same price.

It is put up in liquid form, in large bottles for 25 and 50 cents; also in lozenges which can be sent by mail on receipt of 10 cents for a nice tin box to carry in the vest pocket, or a larger box for 25 cents.

If not past all hope of recovery there is no cough so bad that Dr. Kay's Lung Balm will not cure it.

Nervous and Wakeful. Many have experienced great relief by camping in a pine forest; others have tried sleeping on a pine pillow, but none of these things will give one quarter the relief that Dr. Kaj's Lung Balm will, in quieting and soothing the nervous system.

Using as we do the very best portion of the pine combined with other medicines of a quieting and soothing nature, makes the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm one of the best, and we verily believe the very best remedy in existence to quiet the nervous system, resulting in the most restful and quiet sleep, without any of the bad effects usually caused by most remedies prepared for this purpose.

We urge all our patrons using Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, Dr. Kay's Renovator or Kidneycura to write to us all the particulars of their case and give all their symptoms and tell us just ho H the remedy has affected them, and if you need further advice your letter will receive the personal attention of our physician, who is a regular graduate of extensive experience.. The advice will be given free.

See articles "Renovating the System" and "Kidney Diseases," and testimonials in back part of this book.

The various forms of lung diseases are treated under separate headings, such as colds, coughs, bronchitis, consumption, etc. The Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is the best and safest remedy in use for lung diseases.

We are very positive that no lung medicine known to the medical profession is worthy to be compared with the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. It is always effectual and yet does not disa<rroe with the stomach. See articles on la grippe and pneumonia.


The organism is of animal origin and moves about lively. They are found in the blood of persons who have malaria. They disappear when quinine is taken into the system in sufficient quantities. For a more complete description and treatment see "Ague," on pages 104 and 105.

MEASLES. A contagious disease, characterized by a crimson eruption. Children are very susceptible to it. The first symptoms come on in ten days from exposure. The onset is gradual following a chill, fever and headache. The eyes are red and tears flow with catarrhal symptoms. The eruption occurs on the fourth day on tne face and soon spreads over the body. About the ninth day the eruption begins to fade and (he symptoms abate. A cuugh is liable to. remain for a long time. Scrofula or tuberculosis may develop in those of a delicate constitution.

Treatment. Most cases need only Dr. Kay's Lung Baim to quiet the cough and catarrhal symptoms. Give a light diet. If the bowels are conBtipated give Dr. Kay's Renovator tablets, small size. In cases where the rash does not appear and the patient is very feverish, give a sufficient amount of ipecac to produce vomiting. This, in our practice, has always caused the rash to appear at once and the fever to subside. MELANCHOLIA. See "Despondency."

MULTIPLE NEURITIS. This is an inflammation of a number of nerves, characterized by pain, loss of power, numbness, with a shrinking of the muscles. It may be caused by malaria, diphtheria, typhoid fever, rheumatism, syphilis or excessive use of alcohuiic liquors. The accompanyi n g illust ration shows the appearance of a person suffering with multip 1 e neuritis, with "wristdrop." and "f oot-d rop." There is usually num b n es s, pain, tingling in the affected parts and loss of power in the limbs where affected nerves are distributed.

Treatment. Rest is very important. Remove the cause if known. If caused by malaria, give quinine; if by diphtheria, give fifteen drops muriated tincture of iron every three hours. If from any other cause see treatment given elsewhere in this book for each case.

If constipated, read the article "Constipation" on page 126. If the digestion is poor, read "Dyspepsia," on page 141. NERVOUSNESS. (Caused by the Use of Tobacco.) Smoking or chewing tobacco is one of the most frequent causes of nervousness. It is a singular fact that nearly all persons who get in the habit of using tobacco do so when they are mere boys. Although it has made millions of them exceedingly sick at first, yet the mere fact that he ought not to do it is sufficient stimulus to the average boy so that he will persist in the effort until finally he is able to smoke or chew without the deathly sickness and then of course he becomes very near being the ideal man. Each parent knows how to best treat his boy. We advise, if the first treatment does not break up the habit, to double the dose.

In breaking off the habit of using tobacco, a person should renovate the system thoroughly as directed under that heading on page 178.

NERVOUS PROSTRATION, (Nervous Exhaustion.) A de

bil icy of the nervous system caused by overwork, worry, emotion, excessive use of tobacco, alcohol, etc. The symptoms are weakness of the mental faculties, inability to concentrate the thoughts, causing headache, restlessness, fear, feeling of weariness and depression, may be palpitation, chills, flashes of heat and sweating. The patient suffering from nervous prostration, is usually troubled with insomnia.

Treatment. (Read article on Debility on page 133.) Rest is very essential, pleasant companionship, change of surroundings and complete relief from all business cares and responsibility. The diet should be nutritious. If the bowels should be constipated, see article on constipation on page 126 for treatment.

The best medicine for internal use is the Dr. Kay's Renovator (large size) which is the best nerve tonic known. This should be taken in sufficiently large doses to cause at least one evacuation of the bowels each day. This should be persevered with for a long time, until the blood has been renewed and enriched and the system invigorated. Read carefully the article "Renovating the System," and also the article "Dyspepsia" on page 141.

NEURALGIA. This is a very painful affection, which may come on abruptly, without any symptoms preceding it, or there may be preceding the attack a feeling of weight, a sense of heat or some uncomfortable sensation in the seat of affection. The pain is usually either in the trunk or branch of a nerve and is much more severe at some times than at others. If the pain is continuous, it may be dull; but when it comes on more severe, it is liable to be of a darting, tearing and cutting, or excruciating character.

At times, when the severe paroxysms occur, the severe pain may subside in a few seconds or minutes, or it may continue for several hours or days. The pain usually extends along the branch or trunk of a nerve. In most cases neuralgia is only on one side.

This disease has no fixed duration, and may, in some cases, end under the influence of treatment, or otherwise, in a few hours or days, or it may continue for years. Neuralgia pains may proceed from a lesion of some sort extending to the nerve, or from pressure of the nerve, or it may proceed in some cases from malaria, and when this is the case the pains usually recur with the same regularity as the fit of ague, although this is not always the case.

Many who fire affected with neuralgia are also affected with anaemia, which seems to be a predisposing cause. It occurs most frequently between the ages of twen i y and fifty, and of tener in the cold than in the warm seasons of the year.

The situation of the pain is not always a sure indication of the location of the lesion giving rise to it. and' the' pain is frequently felt along the branch of a nerve, while the lesion giving rise to it may be at the trunk of the nerve, or where it unites with the spinal cord. This is the reason why persons who have had limbs amputated frequently have pain or other sensations which they refer to the part which has been amputated.

Treatment. Remove the cause if that is known. Take rest, and avoid exposure to cold. If the patient is pale and weak, take pills of quinine, iron and strychnine, which can be had at any drug store. If constipated, see article on constipation on page 126. If troubled with indigestion, see article on dyspepsia on page 141. If caused by a decayed tooth, have it extracted. PARALYSIS AGITANS. (Shaking Palsy.) This disease developes in most cases after fifty years of age. It occurs in women, perhaps, more frequently than with men. It comes on gradual, or may be the result of a sudden fright. The trembling usually begins in the hand and arm, and gradually extends to the entire side. The face and head are usually exempt. It gradually extends until an entire side or the upper or lower limbs are involved.

There is a tendency for the patient to go forward as shown in the illustration and the gait becomes more and more rapid until he cannot stop himself. The patient is restless and troubled with wakefulness. The general health may be fair.

Treatment and mind. Good Renovator in just large enough doses to cause one movement of the bowels each day If convenient take a mild current of electricity two or three times a week, for from fifteen to twenty minutes each time. If constipated, read carefully the article on constipation on page 126.

The patient should have rest of body 1 nourishing food. Take Dr. Kay's

You should also read carefully the article "Renovating the System," on page 78.

°ARALYSIS. This is a result of apoplexy, which you snould see

,Oi symptoms and treatment. The Dr. Kay's Renovator (large size) is the best nerve tonic to a ert attacks of paralysis. It should betaken in large doses and persevered with until it has renovated the whole system thoroughly. It is easy to take and perfectly safe.

PAsN IN THE STOMACH. If this symptom occurs as a result of dyspepsia, or indigestion, see article on dyspepsia. If from any other cause sf e treatment for whatever disease it may be. Rea"d article on constipation on page 126.

PAINTER'S COLIC. (See "Lead Poisoning," on page 168.)

PILES. (Hemorrhoids.) The tumors known as piles are external when situated outside and internal when situated inside of the sphincter muscle. They come down outside when the bowels are evacuated and sometimes remain outside a large portion of the time. They should be replaced immediately after the evacuation of the bowels. Some cases bleed very little and others very large quantities.

Treatment. Nearly all of these cases are caused by constipation so that the first and most important part of the treatment should be to overcome the constipation. For directions how to treat it read article on constipation oi_pags 126 and follow up this treatment faithfully and for a long time to cure the constipation entirely.

To remove the piles and stop the itching, apply Dr. Kay's Pile Cure which is, we think the best local remedy in use, and when faithfully used and the above directions are persevered in it will effect a cure. Dr. Kay's Pile Cure will be sent by mail to any address on receipt of 50 cents, or $1.00 for two boxes.

PIMPLES. See blotches.

PLFURISY, (Stitch in the Side.) This is an inflammation of

membranes lining the chest and surrounding the lungs, characterized by a dry cough and a sharp cutting pain in the side; difficult breathing and fever.

Treatment. This, as well as all other lung troubles, is best treated with Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, as directed for pneumonia. PNEUMONIA. An inflammation of the substance of the lungs,

caused by an extension of bron(jJWfe, .#MKi^i\,, xdiMte chial catarrh downward, and a

treated as early as possible, and if not broken up on the start a good physician should look after the patient closely.

Treatment. If taken immediately after taking a severe cold, and prolonged exposure, many cases may be cut short before the disease is

complication of la grippe, etc. The patient breathes rapidly and is not able the fill the lungs with air, because of the inflammation. This is a very fatal disease and should be

The accompanying cut shows the appearance of the bacillus found in pneumonia, largely magnified.

fully developed by Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, which is the very best remedy we know of. Begin taking it as early as possible and take a full dose every half hour until five or six doses have been taken, and then take a dose from one to three hours apart, according to the severity of the case. Keep in bed and give the most nutritious diet, such as milk, eggs, chicken, mutton, beef, and oyster broths.

A remarkable case was recently reported to us of a lady who, during the coldest weather, had a water pipe burst out doors near the back door and the water forced her kitchen door open. In her excitement she ran to a neighbors with her slippers on, with nothing but a dress over her. She touk a severe cold and came down with pneumonia immediately, Her family physician had treated her for two days and she continually grew worse, when a neighbor learning of it urged her to try Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, and she did so and took large doses. The following day she was very much improved and sat up in bed a little and was up and dressed the next day, and took no other medicine but the Lung Balm. Read article on Lung Disease.

PROSTATE GLAND. (Enlarged.) See "Bladder Troubles.»

QUINSY. This is an inflammation of the throat, and is accompanied by pain, fever and swelling of the tonsils, which, in some cases is so much as to cause liquids to return through the nostrils in attempting to drink. It is difficult to swallow, the tongue is heavily coated, the tonsils are liable to be left enlarged. In prolonged and bad cases suppuration is liable to occur in one or both tonsils. It is caused usually by exposure to cold and is not contagious. Persons who have once had it are most liable to an attack.

Treatment. Keep in a warm room. Take two small size Dr. Kay's 'Renovator tablets before each meal three times a day and increase or diminish the dose as may be necessary to insure one or two movements of the bowels each day. Fasten a good strip of flannel around the neck so as to come up well outside of the tonsils, take Dr. Kay's Lung Balm for its quieting and soothing effect upon the throat and tonsils. Continue the Renovator to purify and enrich to blood. See article on Renovating the System.

RENOVATING THE SYSTEM. You are tired out. You do not get restful sleep. Perhaps you feel as tired in the morning as when you go to bed. It may be your appetite is poor and your head aches much of the time; your food does not digest well; you may be constipated and dizzy at times with mental torpor. You may feel depressed and miserable, and can't tell why you are in such pain and anguish of mind. You worry and hardly know what it is about and neglect yourself and your business. The world looks dark and gloomy. In fact there are a very long train of distressing symptoms which might be experienced by you to a greater or less degree.

There are others who have a good appetite but poor digestion. They eat more than they can digest and it ferments and sours on the stomach. Their food not only does them but little good, but in many cases is a positive injury as it gives them impure blood and overworks the kidneys to eliminate the poisons and sooner or later the entire system be comes clogged and diseased. The brain is inactive, memory defective, and they have that lazy, tired all-^one feeling. If they are constipated, as many are, so much the worse, as it adds to their distress.

Instead of driving your work, your work drives you, and you feel that life is not worth living. You may be drowsy after meals and wakeful at night; your memory is poor; perhaps you have palpitation of the heart. You think you are not sick enough to go to bed, yet you feel unable to take up the cares and responsibilities that each day brings, and life is really a burden to you.

Now something is radically wrong. Your food does not strengthen you as it should and your sleep does not rest you as the Creator designed.

Let us get at the cause, the very root of the whole matter.

To have health so that all your faculties will be at their best and you will have both mental and physical vigor, the internal organs which keep up the supply of good, healthy blood, must all be doing their work perfectly, and in addition to this the excretory organs, whose office is to throw off or out of the system all waste, effete and poisonous matter, like trying to run a complicated piece of machinery when one wheel here has one or more cogs broken and in some other part a few more cogs are broken. One belt is too loose, so the wheels slip, and the next is so tight it frequently runs off, etc.

Now, what you want is too put all the machinery of your body in perfect order, and you will see at once that everything runs with exact precision and you are at once a new creature.

We refer here to the article on Dyspepsia on page 14i as we have there shown some of the derangements of the internal organs and given several illustrations, which every person should make a study. We have also on page 163 under the heading "Kidney Diseases," given much useful information which you should read carefully.

Did you ever think of it that when you are at your best you are like a steam engine with "a full head of steam on," you have an abundance of good pure blood, and your organs which take fcod and convert it into blood are all doing their work perfectly so that you don't tire out with a little exertion because they are constantly replenishing the wasted

When you feel all tired out and have a thousand and one bad symptoms, it is because your internal organs do not digest and liquify the food you eat so it can be absorbed into the blood before it has time to decompose. When this is the case much of the food decomposes before it i9 digested and then much of that which has decomposed is absorbed into the blood and consequently becomes a poison to the system. Then

cause of all their sickness and distress. When you stop to think of it don't you see that you could not possibly feel well when your blood contains so much decomposed food?

The blood in some people is actually like the water which is found '. i the sewer pipes of a great city instead of like that which is found in tae water pipes. This is why you are so nervous and tired all the time. You are working at a great disadvantage and your system needs renovating to get rid of this foul matter. You should renovate the blood and at the same time repair the blood-making organs. Then they will furnish you an abundance of good, pure blood, so you will not get right back as bad as ever in a short time.

In such cases as we have described above the kidneys sooner or later become diseased. This makes it doubly important to treat such cases properly as early as possible before one becomes a complete wreck.

When one part of the system becomes diseased it is much easier for derangement of other parts to take place. First, one gland becomes diseased and fails to do its work; this causes more work to be thrown upon the next, and so on until there is a general disturbance of the system. The membranes become inflamed and not only cause great pain, but their natural secretions are dried up.

We might use several pages, if we had the space to spare, in giving the many derangements and complications liable to arise from the different derangements of the system, but space will not permit of it. When the digestive tract is in the condition described above it causes all sorts of diseased condition of the body by the absorbtion of the decomposed substances which may affect every part of the body.

After considering the above facts you will plainly understand why such a person's system needs renovating. What is needed is to have nature do its work as the Creator designed it should be done. Then and not until then, will a person be healthy.

Knowing these facts we have sought for a perfect remedy. About sixteen years have elapsed since our first experiments were made on this line. During the past three years we have given our treatment the most critical test which any remedy has ever had and as a proof of its unprecedented value we refer with great pride to some of the statements made in the back part of this book, of its unusual merits in restoring the diseased organs of the body to a natural condition thus curing cases where many of the best physicians and a large number of the leading remedies had utterly failed to benefit. After becoming satisfied that our treatment was just what we had so earnestly sought after for so long a time we decided to let the public have the benefit of our efforts and so have placed the remedy within the reach of all, and have given it a name that indicates just what its effects are. We call it Dr. Kay's Renovator that its name may imply just what it is, a renovator, a veritable system cleanser. It is not a common-every-day remedy, but a real search-light to the whole body. It reaches every part of the sys tem. It strikes to the very root of the whole trouble and cures by removing the cause. It does not, like most remedies, "patch up" for the time being, but removes the cause and effects a permanent cure. For instance, in cases which are accompanied by constipation, while the patient takes it as directed on page 126 he will be permantly cured of the constipation and all of the badymptoms which may have their origin in constipation.

Thus it will be seen that by removing the cause, all the diseased symptoms will disappear.

In cases where anv of the symptomj of indigestion or dyspepsia seem tp be the worst symji noma, indicating that this is the cause of all the

The upper side of this cut shows the inner surface c f the stomach, very largely mngnilied. The little openings are the orifices of the gastric glands. When the stomach is diseased these exceedingly small glands are wholly 3r partially closed causing a total or partial drying up of the secretion of g.,stric juice.

Thus the food taken into the stomach will not be digest d and will only be partially absorbed into the blood.

other less troublesome symptoms, it will be found if the directions are followed out carefully which we give on page 41, that it will effect a permanent cure of the dyspepsia, and all the other symptoms which have had their origin in this distressing disease will be permanently cured.

So we might go on and explain to you why it is the most successful remedy that has ever been discovered for a long list of diseases, but tis we have treated a very large number of them under their proper head ings in this book, we refer all to each disease they may be interested in for treatment.

It is just what thousands are needing today. They are "patching up" with so-called blood purifiers, tonics and pepsine. If their digestive organs were what they should be and can be, they would not need to take pepsine and try to digest their food by artificial means, but their stomach would furnish its own pepsine and digest the food as the Creator designed it should, if they will only restore the glands to a healthy action which secretes the gastric juice. The Dr. Kay's Renovator is the only remedy known to the profession today that will do this. Read carefully the article on Dyspepsia on page 14) that you may understand why.

Then the idea of taking the so-called blood purifier to purify the blood is so absurd. To cleanse the stream you must go to the fountain. If your well water gets foul and impure you don't doctor the water but clean out the well and remove' the cause, but in your own case you do just the opposite. You leave the filth in the well and doctor the water by taking the so-callc-d blood purifiers, which are supposed to counteract the poison in the blood while the cause of the impure blood still remains unchanged. Just notice the difference. The Dr. Kay's Renovator removes the cause and then all the blood-making organs are free to work as it was originally intended. Do you have any idea that blood can be made in any other way, as pure as when it is made just as God designed it should be?

It is not the amount of food that one eats that makes him healthy and vigorous, but it is the amount that is converted into an abundance of good pure blocd. This is why Dr. Kay's Renovator far surpasses all other remedies, because it places the system in a condition where it does its own work.

The theory represented in the treatment by the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator reaches to the very foundation of man's being. Some say "the blood is the life." but we go beyond this?to the making cf the blood?to that portion of man's structure which is particularly and expressly for the purpose of furnishing this life-giving principle. To these organs our efforts are directed. We know if these organs ans in a perfect condition they will produce perfect blood. The Dr. Kay's Renovator was prepared expressly to renovate and invigorate the e ntire system, and in this way its action is not superficial like nearly all of the remedies being used for similar diseases. If persevered with it effects a permanent cure where others simply "patch up'' and help for the time being. Striking as it does to the verv foundation of man's being, it is capable of curing a larger variety of diseases than any other remedy; because it not only makes the blood right (being the best blood purifier ever compounded), but it brings into healthy action all the internal organs. By this means good rich, pure blood is furnished each day for the needs of the body and continued health is insured.

Indigestion and dyspepsia are disorders of the digestive system. Thousands of these cases are being treated all the time and have been for years without recieving any permanent benefit because the remedy does notstrike to the root of the disease. We claim, without fear of successful 'fontradictioi that Dr. Kay's Renovator will cure ten of these cases where any other treatment will cure one. For proof of these statements, we refer to the thousands of these cases which have been cured by its use, and a very large number of them even after they had been treated by many noted physicians.

Read carefully the article on dyspepsia on page 141, and testimonials in back part of this book.

Constipation, it is claimed by many of the most noted physicians, causes more suffering than any other disease. This has its origin in derangements of the glandular system and nearly every other treatment fails to cure constipation, especially bad cases, just for the reason that it does not reach the cause and remove it. The thousands of cases which have been permanently cured by the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator as attested by those who have used it as directed on page 126, show conclusively that no other treatment known equals it. This is because it rea-hes the seat of the trouble and removes the cause. Others simply move the bowels and soon the patient is as bad as ever, for the reason the cause still remains.

Treat the cause; get the organs, whose functions are to furnish pure blood, into a healthy condition and then good, healthy blood will be supplied every day and you will not be obliged to keep "patching up."

Dr. Kay's Renovator is expressly prepared with this idea in view and if you will persevere with it you will be rewarded by healthy internal organs and all the bodily functions will be properly performed and perfect health the result.

Some remedies contain cocaine or other narcotics or stimulents which only stimulate and deaden the sensibilities so that for the time being the patient feels better. This is what we call "patching up." It does not reach the seat of the disease and remove the cause, and so cannot do permanent good, and many times the patient is left worse than before.

After discovering these great truths we then sought earnestly and long to find an ideal remedy which would not only carry a vitalizing, health-giving nourishment to the blood, but one that would act upon the entire glandular system and that would exert a quieting, soothing', healing and invigorating effect on the inflamed and diseased glands and membranes of the entire digestive and assimilating systems and restore them to a natural healthy condition. Dr. Kay's Renovator is the resuit of that discovery. It to just what its name implies?a renovator; and it has absolute healing as well as cleansing qualities. There is no other remedy like 10. It stands alone. While it is absolutely safe for all ages and conditions, yet it has peculiar merit in that it reaches the cause of nt arly every disease, and while it is very efficient, yet it is very mild in its action. It is founded upon the best and most advanced ideas of the medical profession.

Pointers About Dr. Kay's Renovator. All cases are not precisely alike, and if you think at first that the Renovator does not agree with you, do not stop its use simply because it did not have just the effect you expected.

Some have thought that they were growing worse for quite a number of days after beginning the use of the Renovator, but by continuing they were cured entirely of cases that no other treatment had ever reached, and had been pronounced incurable. See testimonials in back part of this book.

If the Renovator causes a rash to break out on the body it is because it is at work on the impure blood and you should not stop until all symptoms are removed, for there is no blood purifier that equals Dr. Kay's Renovator, the great nerve tonic and tissue builder.

Remember that taking several bottles of the Dr. Kay's Renovator will not I e a waste of money as some think, for it will not only cure the disease but it will renovate and invigorate the entire body and tone and build up the entire system. It is never hurtful and every family should keep it constantly on hand and use it occasionally to keep all the organs in a natural, healthy working order.

In the Spring there is no medicine as good as the Renovator for it is then, more than any other time of the year, that the glandular F.vstem has become sluggish, after the long winter, and needs a remedy that is cajjable of reaching the cause of the spring ailments. Try the Dr. Kay's Renovator in the spring and you will be surprised at the strength, vigor and ambition it will give you.

Many people stop taking the Renovator just as soon as they feel better or at least as soon as the symptoms of the disease disappear. This is a great mistake. You should continue until all the internal organs are in a healthy and vigorous condition.

Don't get the idea that because you are nervous that it is your nervous system that is wholly wrong. Dr. Kay's Renovator is a direct nerve tonic, but what is better, it goes to the bottom of your trouble and removes the cause and then you will find no trouble about being nervous when all the organs are working properly and supplying every day what good, rich blood is needed to keep you up where nature designed.

We invite the fullest investigation of the principles on which we base our treatment. All we ask of any one is to give us an opportunity to prove what we say. If you have any ailment, no matter what is the nature, go to your druggist and ask for Dr. Kay's remedy recommended for the disease, and <:ive it a fair trial. It matters not how many doctors or medicines you have tried unsuccessfully; there is hope still for you. Our medicines cannot do you harm; on the contrary, they will do you good.

If your case is in any way peculiar, write us about it. Our wide experience will enable us to help you and open a way for help and an ultimate cure. Half of the sick and ailing die from want of proper treatment and from not knowing the real nature of their trouble.

All communications strictly confidential. No charge for advice or consultation.

Notice. From what we have stated above you will see plainly that nearly all of the derangements of the system, such as dyspepsia, constipation, liver and kidney complaints, are caused by derangements of the glandular system, and this is the cause of ninety per cent of the diseases which the human family it> afflicted with, such as impure blood, nervous prostration, rheumatism, scrofula, skin diseases, glandular enlargements, neuralgia, biliousness, headache, pimples, boils, blotches, salt rheum, piles, paralysis, despondency, dropsy, wasting and decay of body, carbuncles, colic, bladder trouble, dizziness, erysipelas, female diseases, gout, gravel, heartburn, lumbago, jaundice, weakness, loss of appetite, coated tongue, bad taste in the mouth, foul breath, sour stomach, wind on the stomach, etc.

The small size Dr. Kay's Renovator is not just like the large size. Those ingredients which act most upon the bowels, liver and glandular system, are increased in the small size with a view to making it a preparatory medicine for the large. So that in cases of constipation, dyspepsia and liver trouble it is best to take the small size for a time before beginning with the large, or begin with small doses of the large size at first, half an hour before each meal and take enough of the small Renovator tablets at bed-time to move the bowels in the morning. This should be kept up for a time and then gradually increase the dose of the large, taken before each meal, and at the same time lessen the quantity of the small until it is left off entirely and then continue with the large size until the system is thoroughly renovated.

if it takes more than one tablespoonful of the liquid to produce at least one evacuation of the bowels daily, then use one or more small size Renovator tablets at bed-time. When the system has been thoroughly renovated and the whole glandular system is doing its work properly a smaller quantity will cause the bowels to have a regular daily movement.

Some cases require ten times as much as others because they are ten times as bad off and you should not get discouraged and stop its use because you don't get well as quick as some one else. Persevere and you will be rewarded by a complete cure.

Druggists sell Dr. Kay's Renovator at 25 cents and $1.00 or six for $5.00, but if they do not have it when you call for it don't let them sell you something else which they may say is "just as good," for it positively has no equal. Nearly all druggists now have what are known as "ready made" remedies which are put up by a large concern who label them to suit. They are many times palmed off onto people who are not posted. They are cheap in every sense of the word and in nearly all cases are entirely worthless. You not only waste your money when you buy them but you are loosing valuable time. You have cause for feeling imposed upon every time they try to sell you such stuff in place of our goods.

What you should do is to simply refuse to take anything but Dr. Kay's Renovator. Just write to us and enclose the price for whatever amount you want and we will send it by return mail.

We send all of our remedies in tablet form by mail, postage prepaid by us. For orders for the liquid (which cannot be sent by mail) when ordered in quantities of $5.00 worth, we not only send $6.00 worth of the one, or assorted remedies, but we prepay the freight charges to any part of the country. We do this so that everybody c;*n get our remedies in any part of the United States of us, if the druggist does not have it, just as cheap as the druggist would sell it if he kept it in stock. We are also glad to do this because we are anxious to have such cases as are not able to get help elsewhere, cured completely, as is always the case, if not past all hope of recovery, and they persevere with it as they should.

This is why we urge all old chronic cases to order $5.00 worth of our goods. You will find it the best investment of $5.00 you ever made. Send your orders direct to Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs,N. Y.

RHEUMATISM. This may be acute, which is usually termed rheumatic fever or, by some, inflammatory rheumatism, and is usually a very painful disease. It is caused by an abnormal condition of the blood. The joints and surrounding structures are the most frequently affected. There is great restlessness and an intense fever, stiffness in the joints and great pain in the limbs. The joints soon become swollen and tender, especially the large joints. The pain may become so intense that the patient dare not or cannot move and is usually a helpless, pitiable spectacle. The pulse is full and quick, the secretions are acid, the tongue is thickly furred and moist, pain suddenly leaves one joint and attacks another and is liable to shift frequently and may shift to the membranes of the heart, which is a very serious change. The most frequent cause is exposure to damp and cold, especially after perspiring freely.

Treatmenti Do not apply liniments, as they may drive it to the heart. It is better to begin at once with the Kidneycura and increase the dose if necessary until it produces two or three evacuations of the bowels each day. After the blood has been cleansed if there is any pain located in some of the joints the liniment may be used with more safety. In inflammatory rheumatism give half a teaspoonful of saleratus in two-thirds glass of water an hour befcre taking the Kidneycura and repeat it eight or ten times and then continue with the Kidneycura until the cure is complete, as it is the best remedy known. In chronic cases if you will persevere with the Kidneycura you will effect a cure. In some of the very worst cases of long standing it will be well after using a few boxes of the Kidneycura to take the liquid Dr. Kay's Renovator and alternate, taking a package of one and then one of the other and persevere in its use until completely cured. If it should be a very stubborn case, try, in addition to the above, sweating at bed-time each night.

SALT RHEUM. (EczemaJ A non-contagious inflammation of the skin attacking all persons alike. It more frequently attacks people of rheumatic and gouty tendency. It is accompanied by burning and itching, which at times is almost unendurable.

Treatment. If the cause is known, remove it. The diet should be nutritious and easily digested. Take internally the Dr. Kay's Reno vator (large size) and increase the dose until it produces two or three evacuations each clay. This should be continued for a long period, which is sure to effect a cure. Externally apply the following: Take subacetate of lead, 4 drachms; carbolic acid crystals 3 grains; vaseline, 4 drachms. Mix thoroughly and apply to the affected part, or have the recipe filled (for carbolic salve) on page 147, and this may be applied in place of the other.

SCROFULA. In this disease the chief characteristics are chronic swellings of the lymphatic glands, especially the glands of the neck, under the chin and behind the ears. It is thought by many that there is a close relationship between scrofula and tuberculosis.

Treatment. This should vary according to the circumstances. If dyspepsia or constipation exists, treat as we have directed under those headings. The Dr. Kay's Renovator (large size) should be given for a long period in doses sufficient to produce one or two evacuations of the bowels each day, beginning with one dose and increasing until this effect is produced. This should be continued until the system is thoroughly renovated and invigorated and the blood purified and enriched. Continue with the Renovator until the cure is complete.

The diet should be nourishing1, such as good, fresh eggs, pure milk, etc. Observe strictly all the laws of health and avoid all unnecessary exposure. Read carefully the article on Renovating the System on page 78.

SICK HEADACHE. (Bilious headache; blind headache.) This is a periodical pain in the head accompanied with nausea, often vomiting, intolerance of light and noise and incapability of mental exertion; the brain being temporarily prostrated and disturbed. The cause is us ually indigestion, constipation, worry, exacting mental labor and insufficient sleep. The very best treatment known is to remove the cause and then the cure is permanent. Dr. Kay's Renovator has cured permanently thousands of cases because it reaches the cause and removes it. See "Renovating the System" on page 178.

SKIN DISEASES. See salt rheum, blotches and erysipelas; also hives, sometimes called nettle rash.

SORE THROAT. For symptoms and treatment see quinsy, dyphtheria, clergyman's sore throat, etc. STITCH IN THE BACK. See lumbago, page 170. STITCH IN THE SIDE. See pleurisy, page 177.

STOMACH TROUBLE. In these days of fast living and fast eating it is not to be wondered at that nearly every person we meet are "sick, or only half well." We live too fast and eat too fast, work too hard, sleep too little, and there are a great long list of things that we do that we ought not to do, and another great long list of things we neglect to do that we should do. So it is not strange that when we ask nearly every person who is complaining, what their trouble is, that the answer quickly comes, "stomach trouble." The American people don't stop to count the cost usually until it is too late.

Having had a large experience along this line we take great pains in this book to guide each one in the best way to regain their health, and give valuable advice to all, under the headings "Dyspepsia" on page 141, "Constipation" on page 126, and "Renovating the System" on page 178. You should read all of these articles carefully.

SPRING MEDICINE. Doyouknow why you need to take a spring medicine? It is because during the long winter the entire glandular system becomes sluggish and all of the excretory ducts, whose office is to separate and throw off that which is poisonous and injurious, have been stopped up and they need renovating or cleansing. The excretory ducts are small vessels that conduct the secretions out of the glands as shown in the cuts under the headings "Dyspepsia" on page 141, "Constipation" on page 126, and "Renovating the System" on page 178.

Spring is the time to take on new life. All herbivorous animals find a renovator in fresh, green grass which renovates their entire system and thus they take on new life. Man in the present state of civilization and his artificial way of living, is deprived of nature's renovator. Breathing air over and over again and winter's hearty meals derange the entire digestive system and the intestinal glands become clogged and inactive, causing unsightly eruptions, pimples, boils, biliousness and spring derangements generally. By the inactivity of the intestinal canal, liver and kidneys, many distressing symptoms occur. What is needed to overcome all of these troubles is nature's remedy, which is to renovate the system thoroughly. For this purpose there is no remedy which equals Dr. Kay's Renovator. It strikes to the very root of the trouble and removes the cause. See article on Renovating the System on page 178.

Syphilis. This perhaps is the most loathsome disease known. We would not mention this disease here but for the fact that many innocent people suffer from its effects, it having been first contracted back several generations, and handed down from one generation to another. Its effects are shown by sores, swellings, eruptions, etc. Blood poisoning is the cause. To cure it usually takes a long time and especially in the primary form. What is needed is to renovate the system and thus purify the blood and remove the cause.

Kay's Renovator tablets, small size, until the sores and swelling have *' disappeared, and then use the large size or liquid Renovator. In many of these cases from one to three years constant treatment is required to eradicate the poison from the system. See article on Renovating the System on page 178.

Throat Disease. (Tickling in the throat, etc.) For description and treatment see hoarseness, sore throat and clergyman's sore throat.

Urine Scanty or Excessive. See kidney diseases, Bright's disease and bladder trouble.

Uterine Tonic. See female diseases, page 154.


Wakefulness. See insomnia, page 161.

Weakness and Impotency. See debility and general debility for

treatment and description.
Whooping Cough. See hooping cough.

Wasting and Decay of the Body. See also debility for description and treatment.

Writer's Cramp. The accompanying illustration show* the position in which some people hold a pen in writing. Such a position favors what is known as "writer's cramp," and should be avoided. A better way is to extend the fingers so they will be nearly straight and not grasp the pen-holder too firmly as this causes the cramping.

WHEELMEN. The excessive use of the bicycle is the cause of

much kidney trouble. If you have pain across the back, high-colored or thick, stringy urine, you should read "Kidney Diseases" on page 163.


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